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then ate a very light meal at night. It was probably the most miserable two weeks of my life, but I lost 15 pounds. I think she cheated. She didn't quite lose as much, but of course, she didn't have to. I have since learned that there isn't anything like a quick fix. Martha Stewart's recipe for losing weight and being healthy is balance. When she knows she's entertaining or eating out she balances her meals during the day. When she is presented with a lot of food she restrains herself to tasting and sampling, not scarfing down the entire plate. PASSING ON THE MENTORSHIP I can definitely say that working for Martha has been a positive experience for me. I feel so fortunate that I can pass along her knowledge that she gave me, along to my children, family, and friends. The results began to show in my healthier lifestyle and with my family. My daughters were five years old when they could first work a KitchenAid mixer like nobody's business. Store bought food is not a word my kids are used to, even making bread from scratch is rewarding and fulfilling for them. The marinara sauce comes from tomatoes and not a jar. Box mixes are not something they're comfortable with. They've even taken to the enjoyment of planting a garden and reaping its rewards, and they love composting with worms. It's nice to see Martha's influences have affected not only me but my family. My kids are growing up truly "living" like Martha. And since this is what they know, they will undoubtedly pass this onto their children and hopefully so on and so on. I consider myself lucky that my path crossed with Martha's. Working for her has truly been a "good thing". Editor's Note: Christina Deyo was the senior producer at The Kitchen, produced by BSTV Entertainment and has also worked on TV shows such as Bethenny with Bethenny Frankel, The Rosie O'Donnell Show, various shows on the Food Network, and more. Her work with Martha Stewart led Deyo to open the Cook N Craft Academy cookncraftacademy. com in Loundon, Tennessee, that offers healthy cooking lessons. 33 DiGEST THIS

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