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The Cycle Of Digestive Education KYLE MACFARLANE WILL SOON BE RIDING INTO CLASSROOMS ABOARD A BRIGHT COLORED, ZERO EMISSIONS CYCLE By Steve Stillwell A major premise of the Kyle MacFarlane Foundation is to educate, enlighten and entertain elementary school age children. This is the goal for the foundation's Hands On Nutrition Program. Kyle's message is to promote good nutrition through healthy eating habits and demonstrate what affects eating habits can have on a daily basis, as well as your digestive system. Aside from illustrations and flyers, the foundation thought that a better way to capture kids attention would be by riding into their classroom astride a fancy motorcycle emblazoned with dynamic artwork; good digestion on one side and bad digestion on the other. Initially, the idea was for Kyle to arrive aboard a loud, obnoxious customized Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The noise, exhaust fumes, heat and even having gasoline in a classroom, however, eliminated the option of using an internal combustion powered motorcycle for this project. The foundation began to search for a battery powered motorcycle that would deliver the message, and Kyle to the classroom, in a safe manner. While battery powered motorcycles represent only a sliver of the number of motorcycles sold and ridden in the U.S., there are many types of electric motorcycles on today's ever- expanding market; some priced similar to sports cars. Ultimately the Boom 2000W Motorcycle 578Z was selected as the motorcycle of choice for the foundation's program. It's a compact motorcycle which is powered by six rechargeable, lead- acid batteries. The 2000-watt electric motor allows the cycle to reach speeds around 40MPH in the city, and it has the appearance of today's full-fairing sport bikes. While being affordable, the Boom 2000 is a Zero Emissions vehicle and features traditional motorcycle accessories such as dual rear mirrors, turn signals, sport seating, fairing and fenders, as well as head and tail lamp. To accelerate the cycle, the rider simply twists the throttle to attain the proper speed, while a touch of the brake levers immediately disengages power to the strong electric motor. The cycle also features hydraulic and shock suspension front and rear respectively along with hand actuated disc brakes on alloy wheels. Another advantage is that the electric Boom weighs in at 271 lbs., which will be good news when transporting the compact cycle to shows, events and schools. As far as riding motorcycles goes, Kyle and his late father Bob MacFarlane enjoyed dirt biking as a hobby and with the start of the Hands On Nutrition program, Kyle and the team will have no problem transforming the electric motorcycle into the KMF superhero in a few short months. NEWS 38 DiGEST THIS

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