March 8, 2018

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Around 30 people attended an open house on Tuesday night to hear a proposal which could mit- igate seasonal flooding of Delta's main street. Engineer Mike Davies of Coldwater Engineering was hired by Rideau Lakes Township and the Cataraqui Conservation Authority to find a solu- tion to prevent 'nuisance' flooding which occurs about every 20 years from Upper Beverley Lake. The lake was created from two ponds into a mill pond for the Delta Mill which was built in 1810. Through the years the lake has been raised by as much as three meters noted Davies. The latest flooding was in 2014. The last mill owner, in about 1960, to prevent flooding, created a berm, on the lower shore of the lake north of the present rink property. The berm, which is located on private land has deteriorated somewhat over the years and is no longer an effective barrier in the case of a flood. Davies' preferred mea- sure to mitigate the occa- sional flooding is to create a small berm parallel to the narrow end of the rink pad. A culvert in the struc- ture would be sized to drain the wetland but would not exceed the flow capacity of the existing storm-water drainage sys- tem. The solution avoids problems with other potential solutions. Low- ering the level of the lake would impact fisheries and waterfront residents. The rebuild of the 1960 berm would require exten- sive permits because of the presence of species at risk and would be of con- siderable expense because of its length. The proposal, now that it has gone before the pub- lic will be presented to council to make a decision on a final design and con- struction. The cost is esti- mated to be around $30,000. The Review-Mirror March 8, 2018 – 16 Photos from 1935 and 2014 show that flood- ing on Delta's Main Street isn't just a 21st century problem. An engineering study to create a solution to mitigate the 1 in 20 year 'nuisance' flood- ing is to create a mod- est berm and culvert near the D.A.R.S. ice pad on Recreation Drive. Rideau Valley Guide Your Complimentary Annual Guide to Events, Attractions and Services in the Rideau Lakes Region 2017-18 Published by The Review-Mirror in cooperation with Westport and Rideau Lakes Chamber of Commerce An affordable opportunity to reach visitors and local consumers throughout the area and beyond. Distributed to hotels, motels, Rideau Canal locks, liquor/beer outlets, bait & tackle shops, grocery stores, restaurants, municipal offices, tourist information outlets and The Review-Mirror. For more information call Bill Ritchie at 1-800-387-0796 or 273-8000 • 43 Bedford St., Box 130, Westport, ON K0G 1X0 Rideau Valley Guide 2018-19 Mirror The Review Published by The Review-Mirror in co-operation with The Westport & Rideau Lakes Chamber of Commerce Deadline April 13, 2018 Plan may end Delta floods

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