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A Program for Everyone 2017 ANNUAL REPORT City of Idaho Falls Department of Parks and Recreation Bill Combo, Chair Mike Davis Jeffrey Forbes Jim Hammon Rick Carosone, Chair Michael Austin Bradley Bugger John St. Claire Matt Hill, Chair Gerry Bates Rebecca Casper, Mayor Thomas Hally, Council President, Parks and Recreation Liaison John Radford, Parks and Recreation Liaison David M. Smith Ed Marohn Barbara Dee Ehardt Michelle Ziel-Dingman C I T Y CO U N C I L PA R K S A N D R E C R E AT I O N CO M M I S S I O N G O L F A D V I S O R Y CO M M I T T E E S H A D E T R E E CO M M I T T E E Tom Hersh Matt Hill Kyler Hope Jill Kirkham Jim Freeman Tom Hersh Gary Lattimore Doug McCarty Kerry Buetler Kim Johnson John LuBuono Kerry Martin Kris Millgate Dave Radford Leslie Rockwood Fred Sica Jim Veeneman Naomi Wheeler Rich Potter Randy Westergard 2 0 1 7 CO U N C I L , B OA R D S A N D CO M M I S S I O N S This 2017 Annual Report highlights the major accomplishments and responsibilities of the City of Idaho Falls Department of Parks and Recreation. The Department's organizational activities are separated into Parks and Cemeteries, Recreation, Golf, Zoo and Administrative Divisions. There are 74 FTE positions and more than 300 PTE and seasonal employees who provide Idaho Falls' 58,000 residents and metro population of 136,108 with quality park and recreation services, programs and facilities. Facilities provided by the Department include more than 50 park properties and 26 miles of multi-purpose trails, Pinecrest, Sand Creek and Sage Lakes public golf courses, the Idaho Falls Zoo, Wes Deist Aquatic Center, IF Rec Center, Joe Marmo and Wayne Lehto Ice Arena, Idaho Falls Raceway at Noise Park, Sandy Downs Rodeo Grounds, Melaleuca Field, Rose Hill and Fielding Cemeteries, Skyline Activity Center and many others. THE MISSION of the City of Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Department is to provide quality parks and recreation opportunities based upon cost efficiency and community needs. O U R M I S S I O N

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