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24 • RV PRO • April 2018 rv-pro.com A F T E R M A R K E T BOYDEN, Iowa – Towns of any size are few and far between on the western edge of Iowa. There are far more fields full of stubble from corn, wheat and soy bean crops this time of year than there are major metropolitan areas. But in Boyden, a town of just under 700 people in the northwest corner of the state, a manufacturer that spent its early years heavily vested in the agricultural industry is also an important player in the RV industry. Dethmers Manufacturing Co., better known as Demco, employs a good portion of those 700 residents, along with a number from surrounding towns of similar size from some 30 miles away. In addition to creating agricultural machinery, the company makes the Kar Kaddy dolly, tow bars, base plates and fifth wheel hitches and, most recently, the newly purchased Air Force One, Delta Force and other supplemental braking products the company acquired from SMI. One might logically wonder what a grain wagon has to do with a fifth wheel hitch. The Demco answer would be: Nothing. And that's the whole point. Diversification of products is what has made the company strong and what helps keep that large percentage of the small town employed when one sector of the economy takes a dip. "That's a key in my mind to business today," says Verlin Keninger, product coordi- nator for Demco's RV sector. "With the trends up and down, the RV industry is going very well right now and the ag industry not as well. We see those things offset each other. That is very critical to Demco and its success. You have those ups and down cycles in the business world, but the diversification helps level it out." Demco Offers a Complete Towing Solution With the addition of SMI's braking products, the supplier can now offer the tow bar, base plates and brakes all under one nameplate. Above: Demco's main plant is located in Boyden, Iowa, in the northwest corner of Iowa. The closest city of any size is Sioux Falls, S.D., with Sioux City, Iowa, also to the southwest. But there are a number of smaller towns and communities within 30 miles where Demco draws its employees. A stack of Kar Kaddys sits outside the Demco production facility. By Travis O. Pryor

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