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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • April 2018 • 19 "Brand image issues also arise due to regular outages of shorter life fluorescent lamps," Ponzini continues. "Obviously, building a brand-new sign would be the costliest, but it gives the opportunity to improve the brand image and gives the owner a brand facelift easily noticeable by customers." As a final point, the cost between using LEDs and older forms of lighting will not have such a large gap as we trend toward more LED usage. According to Uline, "a competitive market demand continues to drive the price of LEDs and power supplies down." Addressing Unknowns "Is the sign going to be a stand-alone unit or will it be located alongside other signs?" asks Uline. "What building codes and/or tenant restrictions or require- ments need to be met concerning the allowable amount of light or colors that are allowed?" These are just a couple of questions to bring up before a job. Going into a proj- ect blind is never a recommended strat- egy. A good rule of thumb is to gather as much information as possible before actually starting on the work. "Not knowing what's inside the cabi- net before going up to it is one mistake, though I don't know if it's the most common," Ponzini says. "For example, assuming the existing fluorescent lamps are eight feet when they are really seven feet, or two rows of four-feet lamps, may be a problem if retrofitting with LED retrofit sticks unless those LED retrofit sticks are field adaptable to any size, like the OSRAM BoxLED retrofit system is." The answer of course, is to do a thorough site inspection of the current sign before making decisions as to how to proceed. Inside the Sign Farmer points to the reflectivity of the sign interior as an important aspect not to overlook. Especially in a retrofit project, there can be issues with the wear and tear of the sign that may not always be top of mind. Retrofit signage is a less expen- sive option pro- vided there is no extensive work to improve the sign structure. (Image courtesy of Principal LED) As demand for LEDs grows, the price for these lighting components has decreased. (Image courtesy of OSRAM) LED brightness and reflectivity in the sign are two important factors when completing a cabinet sign project. (Image courtesy of faces Wholesale Custom Sign)

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