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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • April 2018 • 35 How Safe are These Inks? Whenever one handles or uses ink- jet inks, the user should get a copy of the manufacturer's Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) and read it care- fully. Liquid UV-curable inkjet inks are hazardous materials to humans. These are highly reactive chemicals, and they will react with you and your skin or eyes should you come in contact with it. If the liquid must be handled, then eye pro- tection and skin protection measures are required. Some people react to the components in UV-cure ink even at the low levels of vapor from the inks. This sensitization can be serious, and people handling these materials have been known to experience problems breathing and skin rashes. When completely cured, the UV-cure ink poses little problems for most peo- ple, however an odor is frequently expe- rienced and may be offensive to some. Human sensitivity to the very low levels of vapors from cured UV inks is very high but the vapors do not cause a problem with VOCs or other concerns for the environment. Summary UV inkjet inks provide a durable high- speed printing alternative to water-based or solvent-based inks. No solvents, so no drying or VOC problems, better nozzle reliability with no evaporation are defi- nite advantages. The inks are 100 per- cent solid polymer systems, which is more expensive to produce than water- or solvent-based systems that have only 10-20 percent solids. Durability can be superior since only UV inks are chemi- cally crosslinked polymers. There is no need for the coated sub- strates required in water-based inks, so they provide lower cost media solutions in that regard. However, some substrates may require a treatment or primer to achieve good ink adhesion. For all ink- jet systems we should remember it is a system, and for optimum performance the ink and the substrate along with the cur- ing processes should be designed to work together. SDG Visit SDG.NBMGUIDE.COM to find a manufacturer/ distributor near you! DO YOU WANT TO FIND A RECOGNIZED SOURCE FOR ALL OF YOUR COMPANY'S NEEDS?

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