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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • April 2018 • 39 Figure 8: I want to emphasize the jumper by keeping him in sharp focus and blurring the areas around him. Figure 9: A circular shaped bounding box surrounds the figure and this is the key to manipulating the blur. of the slider to the center of the ellipse is where the blur transitions from maxi- mum to minimum intensity. When the cursor is dragged inside the ellipse the transition controls become visible. The shape of the oval can be changed into a round cornered rectangle by dragging the white square. Dragging the white circles inward to increase or outward to decrease the focus modifies the focal transition. Dragging the dots on each side of the box modifies the size and angle of blur (see Figure 10). By click- ing the guy on the bridge, another pin is added to maintain focus (see Figure 11). Figure 10: Dragging the tiny dots on each side of the box modifies the size and angle of the blur. Figure 11: More pins can be added to maintain focus in the additional areas.

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