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S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S • April 2018 • 63 On day four, you receive an urgent phone call. Of course, the architect for- got two other needed signs and also mis- calculated the deadline. The contractor is under pressure, so he accepts your price and you get a deposit. It's time to roll even faster now. Day to day, you are managing phone calls, emails, meetings, and a few other fires. The frantic pace of your busi- ness does not help your designer, who is seemingly overwhelmed with work. The designer becomes frustrated and distracted, which produces a further lack of productivity. A week passes with lots of stress, but the sign submittal drawings are now ready to go to the city. Then, another snag. The general con- tractor calls and asks you for fabrication drawings. The general wants no glitches with this multi-million-dollar retail cen- ter. You don't show your panic, but say, "I will get back to you within a week with shop drawings." After two days, you are panicked because you cannot find someone to do "shops." You then call your top busi- ness contact and you get a referral for a freelancer. You quickly realize you did not add in a cost for technical draw- ings. Because of the frantic pace of your business you also forgot the engineering cost. At this point, you are on mistake number three. Your immediate thought is: I have to eat the cost for drawings. Amazingly, your new freelancer encounters this issue all too often. The freelancer presents a unique deal that will benefit you both. You agree. Within 72 hours, the freelancer sends you the required technical drawings in a PDF file. You quickly send the shop drawings to an engineer. Within a day, you get the engineering drawings also. There is lots of stress, but you got this. The ability to avoid business mistakes comes through making mistakes and learning not to repeat them. Although this story is based on several real experi- ences, the details have been condensed for this article. A sign company will continually struggle trying to do technical projects or hard-to-do projects without a good sign designer. A sign company that does not have a fast sign designer creates more stress and strain for their business. Consider the following questions and statements and how they apply to your sign business. Required sign knowledge and skills: • Is your designer capable of sign design for both interior and outdoor signage, quickly and efficiently? • Is your designer capable of sign design for electrical signage with the technical knowledge required? The ability to avoid business mistakes comes through making mistakes and learning not to repeat them. Materials Expertise Get Empowered Find Freedom in Functionality Laser Systems Build your business around a Trotec w w w w w.engraving - Call us today 866-226-8505

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