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66 • April 2018 • S I G N & D I G I T A L G R A P H I C S ARCHITECTURAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL Sign images. Sign Type Categories with Non-Illuminated Signage: Dimensional flat cut letter sign (on any surface or on rails), formed plastic letter (several styles), fabricated chan- nel letter (3 types), cast metal letter (2 types of metals), sign plaque or sign panel (several types of metal, acrylic, photopolymer, etc.), layered sign plaque or sign panel, fabricated frame with sign face or pan-style build, interior lobby I.D. signage, logo and letter combinations or added graphics, such as vinyl or digital print graphic, pre-manufactured size and style directory or custom-made directory signage, wayfinding signage, fire evacu- ation map (i.e., plan), full color digital print signage, vinyl signage, flex face signage, banner, awning, screen print- ing, and more. Sign Type Categories with Illuminated Signage: Channel letter (4 types), sign cabi- net (4 types), text capsules or logo box, blade sign (3 types), pole sign (single pole, double pole, etc.), monument sign (single pole, double pole, concrete pad), pylon sign (single pole, double pole, etc.), LED display, also known as an electronic message center (EMC), unique and ultra- customized or specialized signage (e.g., Vegas-style.), static or digital billboard, and others. Sign Type Categories with Proprietary Processes and Other: Fountain signs, donor walls, expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam sign, vacuum- form signage, sandblast: wood or high- density urethane (HDU), Corian inlay, fiberglass embedded graphics, theme park signage, proprietary wholesale sig- nage systems (e.g., Gemini: Slimline GemLite, GemLeaf, etc., and Steel Art: Thintrim, Edgelit, etc., and Vista systems: wall frames, projecting signs, etc., and many, many others), cookie-cutter sig- nage (standard sign types used with ADA compliance and others), pre-made signage (e.g., open, etc.), ultra-custom fabricated, digital touchscreen displays, etc. At this point, you can see how vast this subject matter is. A graphic designer should have a good grasp on a majority of the sign types listed here. If not, a busi- ness will suffer. Providing solutions to your customers should be one of the main goals within your company. Having the right tools at your com- pany's disposal is a good reason to have a connection to a good and fast designer. So, when a customer asks you to make their sign, you don't have to say, "We do that from time to time." Instead, your reply will be "yes, we can make your monument signs." And say it with con- fidence. SDG To learn more about this technical drawing process to speed up your art department, visit Ask for a free sample download of any eBook on the website. Product Highlights Welcome to the Product Highlights section, where each month we offer you resources to enrich and expand your business with great services and products from our adver- tisers. Quickly find and request free information on the suppliers featured in this section by visiting

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