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Their upcoming exhibition Empowerment, co- curated by Nasty Women, celebrates different artists across nationalities, art mediums and perspectives. The exhibition opens on International Women's Day on 8th of March and part of the money raised from the exhibition will be donated to End Violence Against Women Coalition to protect women's rights worldwide.We got a chance to chat to Calum about the ways in which art can have an impact on society, and how Creative Debut wants to be a part of that. How did Creative Debuts come to be? Creative Debuts was born out of the frustration Alex and I had as young artists. We had absolutely no idea how to navigate a journey in the 'art world' and what was even more worrying was that artists who were infinitely more talented that we were didn't know either! Clearly, there was a void for a platform that put artists first so we decided to form Creative Debuts to take back control. What were the biggest hurdles you saw facing new artists in the art world? I think the major issue was the lack of opportunities that often provides artists with the first steps to explore their practice and experiment. For an artist wanting to put on a show, there are considerable costs involved such as the cost of framing, printing, display of artwork, the venue, promotion, and the list goes on. Creative Debuts takes these hurdles away and gives emerging artists the support system they need by giving them advice on how to display work, price it and talk about it confidently. This gives them the freedom to focus on developing their craft to become a practising artist and flourish being part of our creative community. There is a general trend of decreased governmental support for culture and arts. Does this show in the work you're trying to do? It's a real shame and such cuts could be seen as detrimental to society and culture. However, when faced with adversity, I have always seen how creatives seek to harness this in a way that catapults their narrative and document it for others to see. Issues such as increasing university fees, the closure of cultural institutions, or the soaring house prices could have prevented our community from pursuing their passions but instead, they have all added fuel to our fire. We try to listen hard to our community and represent their views. Last year, many of our female artists expressed the challenges they have faced in the being recognised, exhibiting, and selling their work. We felt it was important to support them and offer a space to address the issues they had experienced so that's exactly what we have done. In celebration of International Women's Day on 8 March 2018, 40 boundary-breaking feminist artists will exhibit in Empowerment, a show co-curated by Creative Debuts and Nasty Women Exhibition in New York in collaboration with Nasty Women movements in North East England, London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Brussels. You say you want to bridge the gap between the creative and commercial world. Are there ISSUE 107- / 2018 GUESTLIST Creative Debuts, founded by Calum Hall and Alex Rollings, is a London-based platform for new and emerging artists. CREATIVE DEBUTS WANTS TO DEMOCRATISE THE ART WORLD

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