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IT HAS MANIC CITIES Vietnam's capital city Hanoi, in the North, is beautiful. It's super leafy, with trees lining the streets and a pretty lake in the middle of the city. There is so much to see, from historical sites like the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum – Hanoi is a gateway to everywhere in the north of the country, and a lot of travellers use it as a base to leave and return to after visiting Sapa for trekking or Halong bay on the coast. IT HAS ALL THE NATURE Get a bus to Sapa, the greenest region in the country with acres and acres of mountainous rice paddies, and pay a local lady to take you trekking around the stunning hilly rice terraces for next to nothing. Or, take a bus to the coast and visit Halong Bay or Cat Ba Island and spend 3 days on a boozy boat trip, jumping off into the clearest, bluest water or kayaking through caves and visiting an island run by an army of monkeys (not kidding). If that sounds too relaxing, bus it down to Phong Nha – Vietnam's greatest national park – where you can go exploring in caves the size of football stadiums. VIETNAMESE PEOPLE ARE SO, SO FRIENDLY If you're sitting alone on a bench in the middle of a Vietnamese city and suddenly get the feeling of being watched, then don't panic - you probably are. But only because you look like an alien to the Vietnamese. Don't be surprised if random people stop you in the street for a selfie or if a student asks to practice their English on you for a 15-minute segment. They are so sweet and so curious about Western culture that you will feel incredibly welcome in this country. AND THE PRICE?! Accommodation is £3/4 for a decent hostel. While travel comes to £8 – 10 for an 8-hour bus journey. Food is 40p for a Banh Mi (basically a baguette). GUESTLIST 2018 / ISSUE 107 19 TRAVEL A lot of people think of Vietnam and associate it with the tragic Vietnamese war. That war ended a whopping FORTY years ago, however, and the country is now one of the most beautiful – and safe – places in Southeast Asia. Here are some reasons as to why you should add it to the top of your must-see locations in 2018. VIETNAM - EXCITING CITIES, BEAUTIFUL SCENERY AND CHEAPER THAN YOU THINK!

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