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2018 / ISSUE 107 21 FILM Given that Donald Trump has repeatedly referred to legitimate news outlets as 'fake news' and has also said that he wants to open up the USA's libel laws to make it easier to sue people, Steven Spielberg's latest film seems almost like it could be a documentary rather than a scripted drama. David Katz offers a surprising solution to the problem of plastic in the oceans. As David Katz explains in his TED Talk, if we want to address the problem, the last thing we need to do is attempt to clean the oceans. Instead he explains, we should tackle the problem of how the non-biodegradable waste is getting there in first place. Which is why Katz has helped to create the Plastic Bank, a chain of stores in which plastic waste can be used as a currency. Established throughout poverty-stricken countries, it could truly be the most effective way of putting a permanent stop to the problem at hand. THE INCREDIBLE SOLUTION TO OCEAN PLASTIC FEATURED TED STEVEN SPIELBERG'S 'THE POST' TACKLES THE CONFLICT BETWEEN THE GOVERNMENT & THE PRESS OUR TOP FOUR FILM FLICKS Isle of Dogs 30th March Fantastic Mr. Fox director Wes Anderson returns to animation with this stop-motion comedy about a boy's search for his dog on a remote Japanese island populated by canines. Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray and Jeff Goldblum are just a few names from the film's impressive voice cast. Thoroughbreds 6th April The late Anton Yelchin's final role was in this acclaimed thriller about two childhood friends who hire a local hustler to kill a man. Wonderstruck 6th April Julianne Moore and Michelle Williams are among the cast of this ambitious, time-spanning drama about a girl in 1920s New Jersey and a boy in 1970s Minnesota who each run away from home in search of someone important. Avengers: Infinity War 27th April Fresh from the critical and box office success of Black Panther, Marvel returns with this long-awaited all-star actioner which sees Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the rest of the famed team face off against intergalactic conqueror Thanos. Created in 1989, the main objective of the group was and is still to make visible, through spectacular actions and devastating slogans, the AIDS epidemic, which mostly affects minorities, such as prostitutes, drug addicts, prisoners and gay people. The film follows activists from Act Up who have largely been ignored by the government and drug makers, who see AIDS as a 'homosexual disease'. The urgency of the situation is further punctuated by the various personalities shown throughout the film. It's easy to get attached to the characters who portray a moving depiction of living with AIDS and loving its victims. From the handsome new recruit Nathan (Arnaud Valois) who is HIV- negative, unlike Sean (Nahuel Perez Biscayart). An angry HIV-positive activist that Nathan falls in love with. We are continuously introduced to all kinds of characters, including Thibault (Antoine Reinartz), leader of the movement, coordinator Sophie (Adèle Haenel) and Marco (Théophile Ray), a teenage haemophilia patient. The group's actions soon leads them to an ending that you won't see coming. The film is carried by a phenomenal cast and ever important message, the fight against AIDS is far from over. Today over 35 million people worldwide have died of AIDS since the beginning of the epidemic and there's still no cure for the disease. To be part of the fight, donate to Act Up and make a difference today. Called The Post, the film chronicles how journalists from The Washington Post newspaper repeatedly attempted to publish the Pentagon Papers. Which were a series of classified documents from the United States Department of Defense detailing the country's involvement in the Vietnam War, and how the government repeatedly tried to prevent them from making the papers available to the public. The Post stars Tom Hanks in his fourth collaboration with Spielberg, alongside Meryl Streep, who earned an Oscar nomination for her performance in the film. Star Wars composer John Williams, who also frequently collaborates with Spielberg, created the soundtrack. Spielberg, whose previous films include Jaws, Jurassic Park, Saving Private Ryan, and the Indiana Jones series, has said that although The Post takes place in 1971, the story easily feels as though it could have happened in 2017. In his latest film 120 Beats Per Minute, director Robin Campillo drew inspiration from his own memories when he was part of Act Up (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power). A association that fights against AIDS but especially against the silence that typically surrounds this topic. 120 BEATS PER MINUTE REMINDS US OF THE INSPIRATIONAL FIGHT AGAINST AIDS IN THE 90'S!

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