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What's got you motivated right now? New music. I finally have my studio sorted and the sound, it's pretty much spot on now so I can just come in here and create. Other producers will know it's tough to get your room 'just right', so when it clicks it's a great feeling. Let's take a quick look back to 2017 though. You finished it off on a high after dropping the first material from Bass Mentality. You've been sitting on those tracks for a while though, right? Nothing was planned - we knew though that if me and Kane (the other half of Cause & Affect) reunited for a special b2b then we had to bring some new material to show. It's never about just playing old material. So we sat in the studio together for a few days before MADE Festival and VIP'd some old stuff and also created some bits. We didn't even film the shows ourselves - it was literally clubbers filming on their phones and then online the questions started 'What's this one? When's it out?'. We didn't have a release date so the hype just seemed to build and build. Speaking of MADE, you and Mike Skinner from The Streets to your stage!! HUGE! I knew Mike would smash it, and he did. He's a great DJ… a proper DJ. He switched between genres seamlessly and he smashed it at MADE. He had this mix of Donae'o 'Lock Doh' into 'Fit, But You Know It'. The place went crazy. Favourite tracks from The Streets? 'Dry Your Eyes' probably but it's hard to choose cos there's so many bangers in there. 'Blinded By The Lights' is a special moment as well. Back to your Bass Mentality EP, most of the tracks on the release are from Cause & Affect. Are you still involved with that or is it a solo venture from Kane now? Live, it's just Kane on his own. If you've watched him play I think you'll agree he's fine without me there! Production wise - we just take it as it comes. Some stuff is solo. These one's on the EP we did together. I love the project and Kane is one of my closest mates but with the solo stuff growing, I just physically didn't have the time to commit to it 100%. What ideas have changed your life? Hard graft will get you everywhere. Nothing comes without a struggle. You've started your year with Holy Ship over in the States? How was that? It's an amazing vibe as neither you, the other DJs or the clubbers can escape so you're literally together for 4 days straight. It's an experience like no other as you spend so much time hanging with everyone on board that you build much more of a connection with people than if you just played a set at a festival or club. In an era where people try to sell you the ideal 'super star DJ' and then 'the crowd of fans', it actually takes things back to the origins of dance music where we all come together and the DJs and clubbers are one together. Plus who can argue with a cruise round the Bahamas in January right?! You touched down in London on March 1st at Brixton's Phonox for the next instalment of Southbound. How was that? That's the one show that I played all night. It was a different approach for me and one I really relish. Turning up to a club and playing an hour of my own music at peak time is one thing… but being able to go on a journey for 6 hours and play records that have influenced me and stuff I just love without and boundaries was be great. What are you most in love with right now? Life - I'm feeling very blessed. Especially since I get to do what I love for work every day. I'm in a very fortunate position. Proudest moment so far? Playing Reading and Leeds festival last year was pretty special. Just the energy of the crowd was amazing on both days. Festivals like Shambala in Canada as well - I've been privileged to play there several times now and the vibe is just something so unique. It's one of my favourite places in the world. What's next? Everything! There isn't ever a start or finish. It's an ongoing process and evolution. I just want to continue growing as a DJ, as a producer and just as a person. But definitely the ability to be inventive and push boundaries constantly is the driving force. Being able to take new music to new people who have never heard it is one of the best things in the world. I've never played Asia so going to play in Japan and China would be amazing! 2018 / ISSUE 107 Few producers have smashed it as fast as Lorenzo. The Brummie has definitely earned his stripes and propelled himself from a fresh-faced bass producer to a lineup regular alongside Zed Bias, DJ Zinc & AC Slater. At the tail end of last year he dropped the long awaited Bass Mentality 001. The dust has just about settled on that EP and he's heading on tour across the UK with dates in Bristol & London. Before that all kicks off, Lorenzo caught up with Guestlist. INTERVIEW: CHRIS LORENZO follow @Lorenzosbeats HOUSE " HARD GRAFT WILL GET YOU EVERYWHERE. NOTHING COMES WITHOUT A STRUGGLE. " 27 Arren Haynes | Guestlist

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