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46 ISSUE 107 / 2018 INDIE With their fourteenth album, U2 returns to basics with Songs of Experience. Towards the end of March (the 24th to be precise), Totally Mild, will be coming to the Shacklewell Arms in Dalston/Stoke Newington. We find groove, rock and Bono's voice intact on unifying current issues like Trump's America, the refugee crisis and questions about his rock star status, hope, love & light. The cover photo of the LP features Bono's son and the daughter of guitarist The Edge holding hands, proving the band is as united as ever since the release of Songs of Innocence. Both albums are inspired by the poems of William Blake which has allowed for deep lyrics in each track. The album begins with 'Love is All We Have Left' and reminds us of the recent events that have marked the news. It is as if horror and hatred will not pass over love. There is also an anti-trump feeling and talk about the current fate of migrants in the song 'American Soul' and 'Summer of Love'. The main goal is to create a "call for peace", they explained to the New York Times. This is not a controversial album but U2 still has something to say. Having just released their second album Her, the Melbourne-based four-piece are geared up to captivate fans with the dreamy vocals of frontman Elizabeth Mitchell. Echoing and floating between her normal range and well-handled falsetto, make this a gig not to be missed. However, this is not all the band has to offer. Overall Totally Mild's sound is minimal but upbeat, clean and polished. What makes it special, however, is the way this cleanliness applies to Totally Mild's loose playing style. This aesthetic of casual mastery, in combination with the almost stripped back approach and vocal elements mentioned above, are a trademark worthy of respect. It is this sound that will fit neatly into the colourful and vibrant underground space of the Shacklewell Arms this March. Get tickets while they last! GUESTLIST RECOMMENDS: U2 EVENT PREVIEW: TOTALLY MILD SET TO CHARM THE SHACKLEWELL ARMS WITH GLOSSY RIFFS & DREAMY VOCALS ARTIST OF THE MONTH: FIEH Ever heard of Norwegian soul? Listen to Fieh's new single and you will have. '25' dropped recently and it's a must-hear. The funky pop-track with the soft vocals of Sofie TollefsbĂžl might just be enough to warm you up in this dreadful British weather. Fieh's previous single 'Glu' also tastes equally of sunshine and better days to come. It was released in October last year and has caused quite the hype around the band in the Norwegian music industry. Fieh are steadily bringing a brand of Nordic magic to the music scene here in Britain - just remember you heard it here first. PLAYLIST Hitchhiker Neil Young Bright Phoebus Lal & Mike Waterson Fly Yoko Ono Ten Years Alive on the Infinite Plain Tony Conrad Here's the Indie on our playlist this month

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