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10 ISSUE 107 / 2018 GUESTLIST YOUR SURVIVAL GUIDE TO LIFE FOLLOW @GUESTLISTDOTNET It is no secret that most countries in Africa contain most of the world's wealth. From gold, diamonds to petrol, yet these resources are used to make European countries rich instead. Today Africa is described as the world's poorest continent and relies heavily on aid to survive. However, there is a solution that could end corruption and promote transparency - blockchain. Blockchain is an information storage and transmission technology that is transparent, secure and operates without a central control body. It is a database that contains the history of all the exchanges between users. This database is shared by various users and allows everyone to check the validity of the chain. So, if someone tries to modify it, all the users will be able to see it. For example, a public block-book is like a large public accounting book, anonymous and unmodifiable. In Myanmar and Indonesia, companies are already using the blockchain system to prevent corruption. Large information block ledgers are open and can be submitted to the public. It contains all the financial transactions that are not hidden by a nation's elite. Any modification can be viewed by anyone. So, the potential benefits for blockchain are huge because it can be used for voting, financial transactions or even a refugee's fingerprints. Overall, blockchain could beat the crap out of corruption and give Africa a fighting chance. When you hear the word corruption you might instantly think of less privileged countries but corruption nowadays is everywhere. Some countries just know how to hide it better. FIGHTING CORRUPTION WITH BLOCKCHAIN Take them on holidays abroad Going on holidays expands your mind, it exposes you to different types of people & cultures and makes us more tolerant and understanding. This is why we believe that it is important for children to explore different cultures and traditions. So take them back home to the place their ancestors came from, (we all came from Africa!) show them the real, raw side of a country and not just the touristy places. Don't kill their childhood dreams "I want to be a singer", they say, well don't tell them "no, you better study hard at school and forget it all". After all.. did we listen to our parents growing up? Instead you can try "Well, work hard at it and who knows what can happen." Do not kill dreams, either they will grow out of it at the right time or they will actually make you proud and achieve them. Life is a game so let them chase their dreams and play! Take them volunteering As you may recall, Guestlist went volunteering at the Brixton soup kitchen last year and there were several young ones helping out. It is great to take your children to charity events and why this or that person may be less fortunate. They will be grateful for what they have and also they will learn to be more selfless and kinder to others. THE GUIDE TO RAISING MINI WORLD CHANGERS We Guestlist tribers are a bunch of different people with different voices who want to bring positive change to our world and we all want the same for our kids. It is said that a personality is shaped during a child's first 3 years, therefore it may be time you read our guide to raising mini-world changers

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