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2 0 1 8 A P R I L P R I N T W E A R || 23 choice you can make and confirm before digitizing means less test- ing and waffling once you're working in stitches. Take the time now to remove, upsize, or alter the layout on too- small text, remove or rework excess details in densely detailed areas, and to get your customer on-board with the way the embroidery looks best. KNOW THE ENVIRONMENT Embroidery exists in an environment made up of the garment paired with the materials used in the stitching. Know the type of garment, fabric, garment color, thread colors, placement, and the finished size of the design before digitizing. These factors are critical to the deci- sions you'll make in digitizing. You must be aware of the effects that your set of materials and placement will have on your design. Starting from a complete understanding not only of a design's en- vironment but the usage of the logo/garment can help you make key decisions about your rendering. For example, a low contrast between thread and garment colors may mean you can lower density without excess show-through. If a design must stitch on caps, you'll know to run elements from the bottom of the design up and from the center out to maintain registration. If your garment is made of a fabric with fibers or loops on the surface like fleece or toweling, your design will require special techniques to keep from being lost in the surface texture. Also, placements like backpack sides or jacket backs on folks who work in environments where clothing snags or is abraded regu- larly may make you rethink the longest stitch length or even the use of satin stitches at all. Know the environment and you'll be able to plan accordingly, avoiding costly post-sampling edits. ~~~ June 14 & 16, 2018 ~~~ Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland 800-866-7396 • Register for individual classes, or for the full conference and save up to $50! This conference is co-located with THE NBM SHOW! Registration for any of the classes also gets you registered for the trade show.

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