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28 || P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 1 8 PRESSING MATTERS THE LOWEST COMMON DENOMINATOR There's a mathematical practice that is specifically designed to sim- plify the adding, subtracting, and comparing of fractions. These fractions may look like apples versus oranges, but by using this principle or practice, you can begin to compare these seemingly very different pieces of a puzzle. It's called the lowest common de- nominator. Finding the lowest common denominator can eliminate confu- sion and make comparisons of seemingly different things more rel- evant and relatable. So, what is the lowest common denominator when it comes to heat printing? Every application has one thing in common: time. Whether you're applying to a high revenue item or a low rev- enue item, you're consuming time. Whether you end up making double the profit or half the profit, you're using time. Whether heat printing of an item. When you first start heat printing, this bottom line profit number can get eaten up quickly. We have to consider turnaround times and how much it costs us to ship our items from suppliers. Any hiccup in our produc- tion or pricing models could mean reordering shirts or rush ship- ping transfers. The list of mistakes that we make when learning how to price and produce high-quality products goes on. And each mistake can drastically reduce the bottom line profit num- ber. Does that mean heat printing isn't a viable money-making endeavor? Of course not. It just means we have lots of room to grow. Measuring bottom line profit is extremely important, but we know that if it's all we measure we'll never learn where the profit is going. We need to measure more than just the profit. We need to measure the places where we potentially lose it. Clockwise from top left: Analyzing cycle time will help pinpoint if and where a job is being stalled, whether it's in in layout or waiting for transfers. / Look at how many minutes and hours your press is in use versus its downtime. Where can idle time be approved? / Finding the lowest common denominator can eliminate confusion and make comparisons of seemingly different things more relatable. / With technology, you can see which types of transfers are being used more to help streamline your offerings and workflow.

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