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2 0 1 8 A P R I L P R I N T W E A R || 39 That increased supply also seems to corre- late to a growing demand for eco-conscious products from buyers. The same data set above cited more than $39 billion in the sales of organic products for that year. For some, tracing that rise in demand points directly to an ever-developing culture of rapid information, where buyers get their questions answered with the swipe of their finger. "In the last year or two there's been a big shift in the consciousness of the con- sumer," notes Matthew Boelk, Groceries Apparel. "There's just so much information out there now." What's more, the younger generations of buyers now emerging, parties agree, look at every aspect of the garments they're pur- chasing, from the supply chain to the coun- try of manufacture to what goes on during and after production with raw materials and chemicals. On the supplier and manufacturer side, Lakecia Hammond, Alternative Apparel, suggests companies are addressing this trend by developing new fibers derived from products like tree pulp. These companies, she also notes, are filtering this work back through their advertising initiatives as well. "Consumers are continuously evolving into conscious customers who are taking greater note of how they impact the plan- et," states Hammond. "With the boom of organic products resurfacing in 2002, apt product placement and advertising have called the average shopper to think more critically about the origins of their pur- chases." WHAT IT MEANS For most parties, a few core components define an eco-conscious garment. For starters, garments that have a less negative Opposite: Apparel companies producing eco-friendly garments will typically share key information like sourcing, manufacturing, and garment construction on their web- sites. (Image courtesy econscious) Hiking Boots Outerwear Shirts Bags Accessories Discover Your Inner Outdoors PPAI #675752 212.221.6060 ASI# 48746 BP 7014 BP 7015 BP arn Environmentally Friendly It provides UV protection and has easy care properties: wrinkle resist and soil & stain release without chemicals. It is a performance yarn and NOT a topical treatment.

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