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4 || P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 1 8 Contents V O L U M E 3 1 A P R I L 2 0 1 8 N U M B E R 7 MARSHALL ATKINSON from Five-Point Sustainability Plan page 50 " It may seem like a process to turn your shop into a green operation, but saving money on opera- tions while increasing sales through your sustainability program is what makes all that hard work so satisfying. " Turn to page 64 for the an- nual report from Printwear and A&E that offers insight into the sublimation decoration market. SPECIAL COVERAGE: THE 2018 SUBLIMATION REPORT 66 Columns 6 COMMON THREADS Action! 12 BUSINESS TRAINER Make your membership rewarding 16 SOFTWARE TO SUBSTRATE Mascot madness 20 STITCH SOLUTIONS 10 ways to maximize trade show time 22 ERICH'S EMBELLISHMENTS Better digitizing 26 PRESSING MATTERS The lowest common denominator 30 INTERNET STRATEGIES Prime time 80 SHOP SNAPSHOT Awesome Graphics Departments 8 BUSINESS WATCH Watching business 43 PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Highlighted suppliers' goods 56 THE NBM SHOW PREVIEW See what's happening at THE NBM SHOW in Sacramento, California 68 THE LATEST Product reviews 74 DATEBOOK Mark your calendar 76 THE MARKETPLACE Classified ads 78 GET INFO SYSTEM Advertiser index 16 SPECIAL COVERAGE: • Spring 2018 • THE SUBLIMATION REPORT 1 14 PRODUCT FEATURE: SUBLIMATE IT! Get everything you need to build, or boost, your sublimation business using this product spotlight. 20 INDUSTRY SURVEY: THE SUBLIMATION BUSINESS Build your sublimation business and increase profits using this survey information. 22 30 SUBLIMATION TIPS AND TRICKS Check out these 30 sublimation tips provided by David Gross, Condé. pg. 4 .com • .com • .com • pr Spring 2018 • THE SUBLIMATION REPORT 1 PUBLISHER Dan Peckham EDITOR Cassie Green ART DIRECTOR Kim M. Wright CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Mike Clark, David Gross, Aaron Montgomery SALES SUPPORT Ryan Applebaum ADVERTISING ACCOUNT EXECUTIVES Haleigh Erwin, Shanna Rowley Desiree Delfrari, Anna Stettler pg. 14 pg. 22 28 DEBUNKING WIDE- FORMAT SUBLIMATION MYTHS Aaron Montgomery debunks the biggest myths associated with wide-format technology. 4 SUBLIMATION BASICS: HOW AND WHERE TO START Get started on the path to sublimation using this advice from industry voices. Images courtesy Sawgrass, JDS, Augusta, and Condé Special supplement to the April 2018 issues of A&E and Printwear Magazines • THE SUBLIMATION REPORT 1 A National Business Media, Inc. Publication SubReport18.indd 1 2/27/18 11:01 AM for the an- Printwear that offers insight 68

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