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64 || P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 1 8 Furthermore, digital textile printing, which can now be combined with ad- vanced graphic raster image processor (RIP) software, offers a nearly unlimited color gamut to produce decorated apparel far more detailed than possible via screen printing. Nearly any design that can be rendered digitally can be printed via D2 with a hand-feel that has achieved parity with screen-printed garments. And all of this can be produced in mere minutes, es- chewing the considerable setup labor asso- ciated with screens. D2 is versatile enough to provide value and opportunity for For- tune 500 manufacturers and mom-and- pop (or garage-based) shops alike. "The value of being able to apply any image, in any quantity, on a moment's notice, for a low and predictable cost cannot be overstated as customization be- comes the new normal," says Shai Terem, president of Kornit Digital North Amer- ica. Especially with the recent advent of HD technology for D2, print shops can nearly halve their ink costs, grow stra- tegically, and build a cleaner, more sus- tainable operation, he adds. Customer demand has rendered the retail produc- tion cycle obsolete, and D2 has made it possible for printers to fulfill that demand quickly and with waste. Today's customers are digital custom- ers. They expect to find a supplier to sat- isfy their desires in the moment and ship as quickly as possible. Off the rack is off the table, and digital D2 printing is a per- fect fit for an industry where businesses are sinking or swimming by their ability to serve those accustomed to gratification at the push of a button. Take a note from our retail counterpart and get ahead of the game with digital capabilities. D2 - DIGITAL DECORATING D2 is versatile enough to provide value and opportunity for Fortune 500 manufacturers and mom-and-pop or garage-based shops alike. (Image courtesy Kornit)

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