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66 || P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 1 8 I t is common for a deco- rated apparel business to use either embroidery or print to create team wear, workwear, souvenirs, and personalized products for their customers. However, advances in technology have made it pos- sible to combine these production techniques. Now, you can add em- broidery to print designs using laser alignment technology. Let's take a closer look at some real-world scenarios. Imagine a large embroidery design that would need large areas of fill stitches/underlay. A design like that not only requires time and money spent on digitizing, but also high stitch counts and long run times on your embroidery machines. Rather than digitizing and embroidering the entire design, it might make sense to print large areas of color fill, for example, and then embroider other details over the print. This approach can be used to reduce digitizing and machine run time while Mix It Up! Creating Mixed-Media Designs Mike Doe was introduced to sewing by his fa- ther back in 1979, as during his dad's time in the Navy, he learned how to intricately sew uphol- stery in the boats that he managed in Vietnam. As an adult, his first interaction with an em- broidery machine was with a company named Creative Embroidery. He quickly learned how to run a multi-head machine sewing various designs on a variety of hats, and immediately fell in love with the intricate and mechanical aspects of the embroidery machine. In 1997, Doe and his wife started Artworks, a print and embroidery company. For six years they took orders from various airline companies, public school districts, and other types of businesses. In 2002 he began working at Melco, and holding various positions from sales to management and engineering. He is currently the Enterprise Account Manager and leads the Melco Embroidery Applications Team. Mixed media cre- ates interesting de- signs that also save you time. (All images courtesy Melco) B Y M I K E D O E

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