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2 0 1 8 A P R I L P R I N T W E A R || 71 AUTO SCREEN PRESS Hirsch offers the MHM Synchroprint Xtreme, an automatic printing press. The press features an AC indexing system, an AC electric print head, pinlock preregistration screen system, as well as individual off-contact front and rear adjustments. Other features include separate squeegee and flood blade press regulators and a 15-inch touchscreen monitor with an inlet mode, outlet mode, sample mode, and water-base/plastisol mode. Screen holders are flush with every screen and there are no U-clamps. It runs on Linux-based software and includes a skip platen function, adjustable squeegee/flood stroke adjustment, repeatable squeegee angle adjustment, repeatable flood blade angle adjustment, and micro-registration screen adjustment. The Xtreme comes in two models: The S-Type Extreme and the S-Type Extreme LS (long stroke). Print area for the Extreme Standard is 18" X 22" and the LS version is 18" X 28". Both come in various configurations of colors and stations. Visit: | Call: 800-394-4426 HEAT PRESS Insta Graphic Systems' Insta 158 Digital Auto Release Digi-Press offers an auto-open feature with the ergonomic design of a manual clamshell heat press, says the company. Insta 158 is USA-made and features Insta Graphics' even heat and pressure distribution mechanisms. A digital control- ler provides time and temperature control and can be operated either manually or automatically. Insta 158 is UL, CuL, and CE approved as well as RoHS/WEE compliant. Visit: | Call: 562-404-3000 CONVEYOR DRYER Lawson Screen & Digital Products offers the Lawson Blazer screen-printing dryer. The Blazer is a con- veyor dryer with a modular design and a variety of lengths and heating options including I.R. with jet-air, quartz with jet-air, gas I.R. with jet-air, and cooling modules. Each of these can be mixed and matched The Blazer offers a 15-year I.R. heater warranty, 1-year parts warranty, and 24/7/365 support. Additional heat chambers and in/out feed can be added any time. A hinged top offers instant access to the heating panels without undoing any wires. All dryers come with Lawson's Arrow Belt tracking system. Visit: | Call: 314-382-9300 POLYESTER SHIRTS JDS Industries offers Gildan Apparel. Gildan sublimatable polyester shirts are available in white or gray options and sizes S–3X. Visit: | Call: 800-843-8853 WATER-SOLUBLE TOPPING Cotswold offers 486 Clear, an embossed water-soluble topping, designed for high-pile terry cloth or textured ribbed corduroy. This invisible film creates an even surface that supports stitches. In addi- tion to towels, 486 Clear also works well for seer sucker, velvet, knits, Lycra/spandex, and fleece. It also can be used to protect a fabric from hoop burn. Once opened, the topping should be stored in an airtight container for best results. 486 Clear is hooped along with the fabric and stabilizer. Once the sewing is finished, excess 486 Clear is torn away and remnants dissolve by lightly spraying the design with water, dabbing with a damp cloth or cotton swab, or lightly steaming with an iron. Visit: | Call: 877-309-3553

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