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72 || P R I N T W E A R A P R I L 2 0 1 8 The Latest NON-PVC INKS AXEON UltraMix 1200 Series, available from International Coatings, consists of 19 non-PVC, non- phthalate high-performance colors, plus an extender base. AXEON UltraMix 1200 Series inks are creamy and smooth and are formulated for wet-on-wet automatic printing. The inks can be printed through standard and fine mesh counts. This combination allows printers to boost produc- tion speeds and overall efficiency without sacrificing quality, according to International Coatings. AXEON UltraMix 1200 Series Non-PVC Pantone Color System has been beta-tested by several large U.S. and international printers. Visit: | Call: 562-926-1010 LASER TRANSFER PAPER RhinoTech's RhinoDARK laser paper transfers allow decorators to transfer prints from each of the OKI Data Printers 920WT and 711WT onto a variety of garments including dark fabrics. The RhinoDARK media works at the temperature of 310–330 degrees F. RhinoDARK transfer media is a two-sheet set, weed-free system that is wash-tested as much as 50 washes in warm water. The company recommends drying in low heat and turning garments inside out for washing. Visit: | Call: 941-232-6893 SCREEN EXPOSURE UNIT Xpresscreen and RISO Kagaku release the QS2536 Thermal Screen Maker. With an 18-inch Ther- mal head, it can burn a 25" X 36" (18" X 30" image area) screen in three minutes, according to the company. This screen maker utilizes RISO's thermal technology that does not use any water, emul- sion, nor chemicals in the making or reclaiming of screens. Visit: | Call: 800-597-9530 D2 SYSTEM Brother's Synergy + Firefly All-In-One Production System is a start-to-finish modular unit for volume direct-to-garment digital decorating. Combining an automatic pretreater (Synergy) and conveyor dryer (Firefly), it simplifies and streamlines digital garment printing, says the company. A software program uses bar code technology to link all equipment components. The system features two sets of independently functioning spray nozzles and an integrated mixing system for the concentrated pretreatment solution. The software takes a PNG and creates an ARX4 file that the GTX printer can read to size and place the artwork for the job. The projection system provides the operator with a visual alignment tool for loading garments. The system is scalable according to production require- ments, with rates of as much as 140 units per hour achievable with four GTX printers. Visit: | Call: 866-750-2543

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