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April 2018

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WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 23 BASF • (973) 245-6000 • www.GrowSmartPotatoes.com Outlook Outlook herbicide provides potato growers with powerful, consistent control of grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds that can impact their crop. The pre-emergent herbicide should be applied between planting and crop emergence to reduce early-season competition and ensure the potato crop gets off to a strong start. Applications before weeds germinate can control a wide spectrum of weed species, including nightshades, lambsquarters, pigweeds and many others. Aside from providing residual control of weeds, Outlook herbicide also binds more tightly to the soil to minimize leaching, even under the wettest conditions. Additionally, Outlook washes off residue more readily in all tillage systems. BioSafe Systems • (888) 273-3088 • www.biosafesystems.com/axxe AXXE Broad-Spectrum Herbicide BioSafe Systems' AXXE broad-spectrum herbicide is an ideal weed control option for potato growers. This non-selective weed control is formulated to deliver maximum performance and provide fast-acting results on a long list of weeds and grasses. An herbicidal soap product comprised of a form of ammoniated pelargonic salts, AXXE is able to penetrate plant cell walls, killing weeds within hours of application. As an added bonus, AXXE can be used as a desiccant at harvest. Gowan Company • (800) 883-1844 • www.gowanco.com Eptam 7E Eptam 7E is a trusted selective herbicide used in potatoes, dry beans, alfalfa and other crops. Its superior crop safety gives growers the security to know they'll get the best yield potential from their potatoes, where other herbicides may take a piece of that yield. It also has excellent plant-back timing (45 days maximum), so growers don't have to worry about next year's rotation. Eptam 7E has excellent control on annual grasses, some perennial weeds and key broadleaf weeds like hairy nightshade, pigweed, common lambsquarters and sedges. It forms a barrier that disrupts seedling shoot development by inhibiting the lipid synthesis, thus preventing the seedling development and emergence. Weeds that do emerge are weakened and more susceptible to post- emergence chemistries. Eptam's application flexibility allows use as a pre-plant incorporated, post-plant incorporated, and post-emergence layby treatment to control the weed seedbank before they emerge. It can be applied either by ground spray or chemigation. Eptam 7E is a Group 8 herbicide in the thiocarbamate class. Vida Vida is a PPO, Group 14 herbicide. It inhibits weeds' ability to produce protoporphyrinogen oxidase (PPO) and acts as a burner to actively growing broadleaf weeds. Its tank-mix flexibility allows for a choice of other burndown chemistries. It is also compatible with most adjuvants. Adding AMS and an NIS, COC, or MSO boosts the control. Vida can be used as a pre-plant burndown, at planting, or post-plant pre- emergence for potatoes. It has a flexible plant-back of zero to one day on an assortment of labeled crops, and a 30-day plant-back for unlabeled crops. Vida provides extensive broadleaf weed control; the list gets even longer when mixed a selected tank-mix partner. The additional benefit of adding Vida to a program is its control on glyphosate- and ALS-resistant weeds.

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