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40 THE SHOP MAY 2018 Drivelines p.40 Products p.46 Meet David Steele p.48 Baillie Diesel p.54 Tools Roundup p.60 MAY 2018 D rivelines. Ask 100 people what that word means, and you'll get a lot more than 100 different answers. That's because everyone has multiple and definite ideas of what makes up the proper driveline. For those selling upgrade driveline parts and assemblies, however, it's easier to get a foothold on the market than those hundreds of answers might imply. Performance shops can take advantage of offering bigger and more complex parts lists, understanding how components work together, and therefore becoming an asset and information source for buyers. All that, however, takes the one con- stant in sales: knowledge. Our annual look at drivelines helps shops by providing answers to ques- tions including how to deal with today's driveline customer, how the market has changed over the years and steps to increasing sales in this powerful market. A PROFESSIONAL TOUCH Intricate driveline systems lend them- selves to professional consultation and installation, making the category attrac- tive to performance shops. That also means, however, that shop owners can never stop learning when it comes to matching the proper compo- nents or choosing the best system for each application. Asked about the biggest mistake shops make when it comes to driveline sales, Matt Graves, marketing manager for American Powertrain, says not educating themselves on the products. "You cannot sell it if you do not under- stand how it works," Graves notes, ref- erencing a growing amount of misinfor- mation circulating in the market today. "There's so much bad information out there now about manual transmissions and hydraulic clutches." Thankfully, says Achilles Thomas, president/CEO of Monster Transmission & Performance, industry insiders are working to combat that misinformation and give shops the support they need. "Driveline component upgrades can sometimes be intimidating due to their complexity. One of the most common mistakes for shops when approaching a driveline upgrade is not asking for help," he explains. "There are lots of great resources out there like ATRA, the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association. Monster Transmission has TWISTS&TURNS Technology is powering today's driveline market. By John Carollo Offering driveline components can be a profitable option for shops that understand how the systems work. (Photo courtesy John's Industries)

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