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2 0 1 8 M A Y P R I N T W E A R || 15 outcome. The key here is to make the pro- gram easy to understand and easy to admin- ister and to take every opportunity to posi- tively reinforce positive performance. • Encourage calculated risk-taking, out-of- the-box thinking, and benchmarking best practices of other companies. A great sales meeting discussion is to brainstorm names of companies that exhibit and practice a core competency in an area in which you would like to excel or improve. Become a student of how certain companies were able to develop their core competencies and achieve success. For example, if you would like to realize larg- er orders by suggesting customers purchase other related items or increase the quantity to take advantage of free shipping or volume discounts, you may want to study the way Amazon sells to its clientele. BONE #3: BEING IGNORANT OF CLOGS IN THE PIPELINE It's bad enough when good leads don't turn into sales. Even more frustrating is when the business owner or sales manager doesn't know, or worse, isn't curious enough to ask what is happening inside the sales pipeline. Business owners see opportunities go in one end of the pipeline and, at best, see 10 percent of them emerge as new ac- counts. And most of the time they have no clue—without extensive investigation—as to why it takes so long to close new business. Sales cycles become elongated. Those promising prospects never material- ize. And sales revenues suffer. For decades, sales managers have complained about getting involved continued on page 32 Texart series dye-sublimation printers provide non-stop graphics customization of sports jerseys, t-shirts, fashion items and more. Discover the right customization solution for you at TrueVIS series printers are ideal for short-run heat transfer graphics of t-shirts, sweaters, backpacks and more. THE PERFECT FIT ROLAND APPAREL CUSTOMIZATION

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