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18 || P R I N T W E A R M A Y 2 0 1 8 FROM SOFTWARE TO SUBSTRATE text for a dramatic effect. We used a bold wide font, Aachen Bold to be exact, which allows for plenty of room for the inset im- age to be instantly recognizable. We placed the image of a weathered American flag for its textures and because it was just cool and certainly representative of our heritage. Be- cause of the limited colors to create the tex- ture effects, we needed some help from the underbases, not only the white printer but also with a black plate to introduce some shadow. We used it in areas under the red and white but also in the stars to help cre- ate the navy. We used variable percentages of the white and black to create multiple colors of each tone, which would all be go- ing down wet on wet and help introduce additional textures as well. The GSG banner pattern in the area be- hind "USA" was considerably covered up by the foreground elements, so we weren't too concerned about all the transparencies except for the parts peeking out. Much like the weathered flag, we needed some black underneath for the blues to interact with the black. The black, blue, and white all have varying degrees of halftones to keep the transparency as true as possible. Under- bases helped create texture effects. A bold white font was used for the de- sign, which allowed the inset flag to be recog- nizable.

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