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34 || P R I N T W E A R M A Y 2 0 1 8 I got my start in the industry in 1981 as an assistant editor. I was in that position for 20 years, my last nine years as editor. I now work as a freelancer doing writing, marketing, and PR for industry suppliers. As a reporter, I was always treated with respect, and the people I interviewed, who were mostly men, were always willing to educate me about what they did. I never felt like I was treated differently because I was a woman. My genuine interest in what they were doing was appreciated and recognized. DEBORAH SEXTON, SARACEN COMMUNICATIONS I knew nothing about the industry when I started working with Ensign Emblem and sub- sequently EnMart. I learned as I went along. Everyone was very welcoming and willing to help me learn. I also work for a woman-owned company, and for a woman who has been a part of the industry since 1974, so there was a longstanding tradition in the company of women being part of the business and being in leadership roles. KRISTINE SHREVE, ENMART AND ENSIGN EMBLEM I have been in the apparel business for more than 20 years in different capaci- ties. In a mostly male-dominated industry, I have learned to fit in by listening and becoming educated on a variety of subjects including screen printing and the manufacturing of activewear products from cotton to a finished garment. MARY BOSTWICK, DELTA APPAREL I am currently the CEO of Silva Screen- printing & Dist. I've advanced through the ranks and worked here since 2001, where I was employed as the company's first art director. I had to earn my way to the top. It was a difficult path from the graphics side, but I was lucky in meeting Mr. Mario Silva, from Silva Screenprinting. He val- ues hard work and could look past gender much easier than most. We have a fantastic relationship and he let me become leader for the business development, which is a brave thing for a business owner to hand over to an employee. JACQUE LEE, SILVA SCREENPRINTING & DIST. When I'm asked about my experience as a woman, I recount the joy of having a career that combines my jack-of-all-trades tendencies and being able to stay at home with my family. Being in an industry that started out as mostly female and now has grown into this exquisite industry, has been a positive learning experience and, in many ways, a blessing. It's almost as if the men broke our glass ceiling. HELEN HART MOMSEN, HART ENTERPRISES In the 10 years I've worked in apparel decoration, creating and growing Monkey Grip Materials within Axiom America Inc, I have felt it an advantage to be a woman. Many if not most of the decision makers and primary influencers I deal with are ladies and that often makes communica- tion easier. There's usually a greater under- standing of the problems and issues to be resolved, as we all strive for success. In fact, many of the key positions within Axiom America's operations structure and the people which I rely upon mostly are women who get the work done. JEANNIE CARROLL BELK, MONKEY GRIP/AXIOM AMERICA WOMEN IN THE INDUSTRY

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