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36 || P R I N T W E A R M A Y 2 0 1 8 WOMEN IN THE INDUSTRY My first bit of advice to anyone trying to start a career in ap- parel is to be thick-skinned and adaptable. This is not an in- dustry where you always have a straight path to a solution. Sometimes the best fixes are those that arise out of creative problem solving. You will get things wrong, sometimes pain- fully wrong. Don't fear being wrong, just don't repeat the error and adapt your process to figure out a creative and logical solu- tion moving forward. JACQUE LEE Stay true to who you are, listen generously, and talk less. As sales reps, we are inclined to want to tell our story, but I've been suc- cessful because I am more interested in their story and how I can help. In some ways, it's about leav- ing your ego at the door. Also, resist the urge to be complacent and always doing the same thing. KELLY CONNELLY, CHARLES RIVER APPAREL Just do your job! That is not my quote, but one I heard spoken by my team, the New England Patriots. Responsibility, accountability, good service, and well-executed embroidery are all areas that know no gender barriers. To be a success in this industry, women and men need to do the job the customer pays for. Exceeding their expectations won't hurt! SHIRLEY CLARK Recently, I read that the next generation to come along is known as the "glass breakers." I take this as a sign that my generation put a crack in the glass ceiling. I'm excited to see it being shattered with the next genera- tion of strong women. My advice for women breaking into this industry is to stay focused. Don't listen to the naysayers. When an opportunity or experience presents itself and you know it could help broaden your skills, take it. No matter how scary it may seem. If a door opens and it seems both scary and exciting, it probably means you should do it, and do it with vigor. DARCI JEFFREY-ANDERSEN

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