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buy on behalf of those people living in the household, creating a multiplier effect. "Women are the primary buyers, and designs and trends are skewed toward the female audience. As the de- signer for a private label, I am constantly studying and analyz- ing what 'she' wants. We study who our customer is and what her needs are. It's extremely im- portant to listen to the needs of the female audience!" Nabeel Amin, Lane Seven Ap- parel, notes just how relevant and intertwined the women's and children's wear markets are today. "There is a very quick turnover in the children's apparel industry and most decisions in buying for children come from women," he agrees. Amin explains how the recent trends toward breaking up the monotonous, unisex chil- dren's wear tendencies of days gone by is reflected up and down the age spectrum, reinforcing the current strength in the mother/ daughter "mini-me" dressing dy- namic. WOMEN'S WEAR TRENDS 40 || P R I N T W E A R M A Y 2 0 1 8 Far left: Often times, T-shirt designs are intended for a female audience. (Image courtesy Champion) Left: Women-specific sizing is essential in the market, designed specifically for their curves. (Image cour- tesy Champion) Garments should be versatile, in- tegrating fashion and function. (Image courtesy Just My Size) More relaxed, flowy hemlines still have a place in the market as women look for that fashion-for- ward fit. (Image courtesy Kavio!)

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