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60 || P R I N T W E A R M A Y 2 0 1 8 Polyester thread offers colorfastness. (Design by Embroidery Library, image courtesy Madeira USA) EMBROIDERY THREAD GUIDE Polyester thread offers durability and high shine. (Image courtesy Ricoma) Polyester PROS High shine Colorfastness Fade resistant Chlorine bleach resistant Durable (stands up to industrial laundering) Designed to run at high speeds Available in multiple weights (very fine 75 to standard 40) Most economical of the threads Tends to leave less lint Shrink resistant BEST USES General-purpose embroidery thread Uniforms and safety garments Denim-wash items Sportswear Swimwear Children's wear Workwear Tough synthetic materials 3D puff embroidery Structured caps Patches Commercial linens Holds up well when combined with screen printing CONS Coarse texture Rapid wear and tear on embroidery machines Decreased clarity with fine detail More prone to looping stitches More prone to puckering Requires tighter tensions Man-made fiber Some residue Not ideal for heat cutting 200-degree F melting point Tends to feel stiffer than rayon thread Poly thread is a great general-purpose option. (Image courtesy Ricoma)

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