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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 28, ISSUE 5 11 State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company State Farm Indemnity Company Bloomington, IL State Farm County Mutual Insurance Company of Texas Dallas, TX 1606043 Good day, bad day or any day – I'm here for you in all life's moments, backed by the #1* insurance company for auto, home and life. CALL ME TODAY. For every "oh no," there's an "oh yeah." *Based on written premium as reported by SNL Financial 2014. Trent B Johnson, Agent 249 E State Street West Lafayette, IN 47906 Bus: 765-743-9595 ers work toward a 2018 season in which they could take steps toward bigger things, but not win as many games. That's very possible, folks. I'm not trying to be Wet Blanket Guy, but perspective is often best served as an appetizer, not a dessert. Everything — as in every single thing — about Pur- due's program is on the upswing under Brohm, and Pur- due's not about to pull off the gas pedal on the massive investment it's made in the program. The Boilermakers have a discernible football identity these days, a beautiful facility that screams "commit- ment," and players who seem to be responding to their coaches. Recruiting has improved exponentially. And, not to be left out here: Fans give a damn again. But the latter can be a powder keg that once lit can render coaches victims of their own success. Purdue's trajectory is an overwhelmingly positive one, but this season will come with questions following the departure of that group of seniors, both inherited and re- cruited by Brohm and staff, that made the season what it was. No one can foresee the future, but again, it is possible, if not likely, that Purdue wins fewer games in Year 2 than it did in Year 1. But even if that happens, then barring a Chernobyl-type meltdown, the program's momentum should endure. This has always been about the long term, with the knowledge that Purdue's moribund program wasn't go- ing to be resurrected overnight. In that sense, short-term success changed nothing. Fans are part of programs, their support, their enthu- siasm, their legal tender. Fans are momentum, for better and worse. This past season fans were able to suspend their req- uisite patience with their program's next chapter. They might still need it. j Neubert can be contacted at Warren Hill, PE, ME '63 Jim Hill, MET '95, MBA '03 Jim Billard, LA '90 Brian Teyema, ME '87 Scott Dierking, IM '77 Russ Nelson, BCM '00 David Pikey, PH '97 Rhonda Orange, BS '03, MBA '07 Bill Silfies, MBA '03 Nick Muscolino, MET '06 Bob Hill, BCM '06 Anthony Camasta, MET '04 Deborah Toth, MET '07 Daniel Gasser, BS '04 Jason Jones, MET '08 Nick Johnson, BCM '09 Bryan O'Neill, BCM '09 Steven Sitkowski, BCM '10 Isaac Townsend, ME '10 Don Wunderlich, ME '13 Taylor Spaulding, PE, ME '12 Jessica James, BS '13 Robert C. Krier, MET '13 Joseph Schraffenberger, ME'13 Michael Rish, BCM '13 Brandon Goldstein, ME '14 Jared Schreiber, MET '14 Dan Schmidt, BCM '04 Grant Fillipitch, MET '12 Chaz Usher, BCM '17 Andrew Swibes, ME '15 Chris Spesia, MET '15 Phil Treely, BCM '16 Ryan Kissane, ME '19 Patrick Flanagan, ME '19 Bryan Prechtel, BCM '17 Jack Erdman, BCM '17 80 + YEARS OF BUILDING EXCELLENCE THE HILL GROUP

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