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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 28, ISSUE 5 18 BY STACY CLARDIE J eff Brohm knew his second spring overseeing Purdue would be interesting, as most springs are, because he'd be evaluating nearly an entirely new group of frontline players on defense. But the play-caller also learned things about his of- fense, trying to figure out pieces on the offensive line and identifying playmakers at the skill positions after Anthony Mahoungou and Gregory Phillips graduated. Brohm said after the spring game on April 7 that he thought the program made "some progress" over the 15 practices. But what more does he need to see? Brohm spent about 25 minutes with two local report- ers about one week after the game wrapped and an- swered that and much more. Here are excerpts. Q: You've mentioned you made "some progress" this spring. In which areas? Brohm: "In general, there's a lot of new faces on the field, and they got a chance to compete and prove they're worthy to get a chance on the field. That's been a positive. I do think there are more bodies now and more capable guys going out on the field and giving us something, and that's a plus. I think it's important that we get to the next step and find a couple differ- ence-makers that you can depend on at all times, when the going gets tough, you count on them to step up and deliver over and over again. That's really what we're working hard to either find or develop. I think we're go- ing to have to develop, which can happen. I don't think it's happened yet. But I do think the guys have worked hard and I do think they'll compete. I do think we'll be able to rotate more guys in, so if somebody is not play- ing at the level they should or, for some reason, has an off day, we have some more bodies to put in the mix. Normally, competition brings out the best of everybody. It may be a situation like Anthony (Mahoungou) and Greg Phillips last year where they have some ups and downs and toward the end of the year, they develop into Small Steps Brohm saw 'some progress' this spring Tom Campbell Jeff Brohm didn't get a true look at what the 2018 Boilermakers could be this spring, in part, because of injuries. But those, as well as departures, allowed him to evaluate players who hadn't played much.

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