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GOLD AND BLACK ILLUSTRATED VOLUME 28, ISSUE 5 6 The raise for co-defensive coordinator Nick Holt, bringing his annual salary to $620,000, per the Journal & Courier. All eight of the returning assistants received raises, ranging from $15,000 to $120,000 per year. JaMarcus Shephard, the WR coach and now co-offensive coordinator, got the second-highest bump, to $415,000. Money brought home by Vincent Edwards and his Big Ten teammates (Ohio State's Jae'Sean Tate, Indiana's Robert Johnson and Minnesota's Nate Mason) for winning the 3X3U title in San Antonio. After splitting the winnings, Edwards took home $13,750 from the event. Points per game, a career-best, averaged by E'Twaun Moore for New Orleans this season. Moore, who helped the Pelicans to the sixth seed in the Western Conference Playoffs, started 80-of- 82 games this season. In his six-year NBA career, the guard is averaging 7.6 points per game. Master Of Self Awareness T he 2018 Purdue football sea- son is likely to test Jeff Brohm as a football coach. It might test his patience, his ability to stra- tegically manufacture wins, his abil- ity to continue the installation of his culture in a program that is certainly trending positive but has yet to arrive. Brian Neubert touches on this theme in his column on Page 11. But I will take it a bit different direction. One of the many positive things Purdue has in Brohm is a guy who qui- etly refuses to sit still. Now, he doesn't wear that attitude on his sleeve, per se, but it shows it in his actions. Those actions mean that Brohm talks very little talk about all the inju- ries his team dealt with in spring ball, but focuses on what Purdue needs to get done in terms of creating and building depth to a roster that still has holes. Don't be surprised if Brohm and his staff find some late additions, through the fifth-year transfer route. He is in need of offensive and defensive line help that could be bolstered in a big way by adding a player or two with ex- perience. Brohm is nothing if not self aware. He knows his program hasn't fully ar- rived despite last year's pleasant sur- prise of a bowl victory and winning season. There is still work to be done and you will read in this issue a few comments indicating such, but very few. He is also a 21st Century coach who is careful not to admit too much when talking to media, especially the locals. He knows when and where to push buttons. His fire-up locker room talks that we all saw last year are part of his person- ality, sure. But I submit it is also part of his awareness of what needs to be done. And when. Here's an example, albeit in a non-football context, and it may be a bit silly, but it is relevant: Brohm served as the honorary chair of the Purdue Challenge 5K for the second-straight year. I had the duty, in part, of making sure he was where he was supposed to be, and saying what he was supposed to say, in the moments just before the race when he addressed the 2,000 run- ners who were raring to go. I asked him a couple moments be- fore he addressed the crowd if he had his best locker room speech ready to fire the crowd up, etc. Maybe throwing a chair or his scooter, which he had in his possession after a recent foot sur- gery. It might be funny, I thought. But Brohm took the moment to be to the point, to be serious about the serious issue of cancer. He also took the time to recognize and give up mic time to Tyler Trent, the Purdue student who is in the throes of the battle with this dreaded disease. It was serious, but effective. Brohm gets it, on and off the field. He has a sense that things will happen in their time. But it's his impatience along with that awareness that makes him good. Really good. Boiler Index From Publisher Alan Karpick By The Numbers 12.5 $55 K $120 K Photos by Charles Jischke/Purdue Athletics (Holt, Edwards); New Orleans Pelicans (Moore)

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