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I think both sides are missing the point. The truth of claims that human activity (carbon emission, to be precise) is causing the climate to change in the ways we are seeing, such as rising sea levels and global temperatures is sort of irrelevant, despite being glaringly obvious. I think a simple word change can end the angry debate and unify people to action, which is what really matters here. Whilst we stand around arguing about whether or not we're the direct cause of the world changing to the point of being uninhabitable for humans, that change is happening anyway. I think it would be much smarter and more efficient to agree to disagree about the matter of climate change and start talking about pollution instead. There are three reasons for this. Although I definitely think we are the cause of the climate changing as drastically as it is, the problem with the argument is that there is room for doubt. With pollution, this is not the case: there is no way to deny that humans are poisoning the world in a variety of different ways. Plastic is flowing into the oceans, climbing up the food chain and is now even getting into human food. Deforestation continues to rage through many areas of the world, species are going extinct at an alarmingly faster rate than they have in the past, cities suffer terrible air pollution… the list goes on. Pollution is so much easier to understand than climate change, which is quite a vague and general idea, and therefore makes it easier to solve. Really understanding how the climate changes and all the factors that are involved in it is a hugely complicated task, and you could even say it's impossible, as everything has an impact on the climate. The climate is everything. The ISSUE 108 / 2018 GUESTLIST One of the biggest debates of the 21st Century so far has been over climate change, a.k.a global warming. The scientific consensus and resultant media coverage has asserted its reality, and the opposition says it is a misunderstanding of data at best, and a hoax or conspiracy at worst. CLIMATE CHANGE VS POLLUTION

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