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2018 / ISSUE 108 21 FILM Hirokazu Kore-eda's latest film sees him delivering a tense and enigmatic courtroom thriller that sheds light on the amoral practices of the Japanese legal system. As unlikely as it may sound, thousands of people die in human stampedes every year. Which is why Nilay Kulkarni, the co-founder and chief technical officer of the crowd flow analysis platform Ashioto Analytics, came up with the idea of using a pressure-sensitive mat, called Ashioto (meaning footstep in Japanese). The mat will count the number of people walking over it, and the speed and direction at which they move. It then sends the data over the internet to be analysed. This way, the team monitoring the crowd could easily determine if there would be a safe flow of people, or if stampede were to occur. NILAY KULKARNI EXPLAINS HOW HE SOLVED THE PROBLEM OF HUMAN STAMPEDES FEATURED TED JAPANESE COURTROOM THRILLER ASKS IMPORTANT QUESTIONS ABOUT THE MODERN JUDICIAL SYSTEM OUR TOP FOUR FILM FLICKS Deadpool 2 15th May Ryan Reynolds puts on the red spandex again for this much anticipated sequel to the irreverent 2016 superhero comedy, this time brawling with Josh Brolin as the time- travelling mutant soldier Cable. Solo: A Star Wars Story 24th May Alden Ehrenreich takes over from Harrison Ford in this interplanetary adventure. The smart-mouthed smuggler will be joined by his furry co-pilot Chewbacca, along with supporting turns from Woody Harrelson and Donald Glover. Zama 25th May Critically acclaimed Argentine filmmaker Lucrecia Martel returns with her first film in nearly a decade, directing this mesmerising tale of a 17th century Spanish officer whose mind deteriorates as he waits to be transferred to a better location. My Friend Dahmer 1st June The teen years of a notorious serial killer are chronicled in this troubling biopic based on the graphic novel written by Jeffrey Dahmer's high school friend John Backderf. Adrift 1st June Shailene Woodley fights for her survival in this romance- heavy drama based on the true story of a couple whose boat was caught in a catastrophic hurricane. Receiving its UK premiere 5th June at the Rio Cinema in Dalston, No Shade is a romantic drama that's set to offer a black British perspective on timely issues of colourism. The film will follow Jade (Adele Oni) who discovers that the man she loves, Danny (Kadeem Pearse), can't be with her because of her complexion, her shade. No Shade writer, director and co-star Clare Anyiam-Osigwe is no stranger to issues of the skin, having spent 6 years in the skincare industry as a dermatologist, her directorial debut reportedly took just 2 days to write and 6 days to shoot. The film was also produced by Clare's husband Emmanuel Anyiam-Osigwe, who founded the British Urban Film Festival back in 2005 as a means of supporting up- and-coming British urban talent. "We hope that the movie will appeal to film fans not just in the UK but all over the world, from Houston to Holland". The Third Murder, stars Kōji Yakusho as a leading attorney charged with defending a client who faces the death penalty for murder. It's a seemingly open-and-shut case in which the client has already served jail time for murder 30 years prior. But as Yakusho assesses the evidence that will send a man to his death, the lawyer begins to have doubts about whether his client really is guilty as charged. Kore-eda told ComingSoon. net last September that he was inspired to write the film after learning from a lawyer friend about the ethically dubious reality of the courtroom, where pursuing the truth is less important to than "making adjustments to the conflict [of] interest'. In The Third Murder, Kore-eda speculates, "what would happen if a lawyer really started wanting to know the truth?" After 13 years of bringing the best of urban independent cinema to a wider audience, the British Urban Film Festival takes things to the next level with the announcement of their first original production as part of their upcoming movie platform BUFF Originals. BRITISH URBAN FILM FESTIVAL'S FIRST FEATURE FILM TACKLES ISSUES OF COLOURISM

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