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2018 / ISSUE 108 5 NEWS The investigation, known as case 4,000 is investigating allegations that owners of Bezeq Israel Telecom, aired positive news coverage of the Netanyahu's in exchange for regulatory charges that came up to millions of dollars. The Israeli telecom firm Bezeq has denied any malpractice, as for Netanyahu he has not been placed as a suspect in the case. Netanyahu was questioned by police for several hours to investigate further into the allegations made against him, but authorities did not specify which investigation they were following up on. Netanyahu's wife, Sara Netanyahu, was also questioned according to her lawyer and channel 10 TV aired footage on Friday of authorities entering the prime minister's property in Jerusalem. The 68-year-old leader has come under a lot of pressure lately, not only because of his reactionary right-wing politics but his involvement in corruption and bribery scandals. Police advised Israel's attorney general to indict the prime minister based on two separate bribery investigations. This includes gifts being exchanged for positive media coverage of Netanyahu. Other cases include case 1,000 which is also known as "gifts affair", involving claims that Netanyahu and his family received £200,000 worth of bribery gifts from wealthy international billionaires. Expensive gifts such as cigars, pink champagne and jewellery were said to be given to the Netanyahus. The prime minister has denied any allegations of corruption and has accused media outlets of leading a witch hunt against him. Police questioned Benjamin Netanyahu due to a corruption scandal involving Israel's largest telecom firm. WORLD NEWS According to a recent study from the University of Chicago, China is currently 'winning' its war on air pollution with new measures predicted to raise life expectancies by at least 2 years. Over 4,000 schools are currently damaged, destroyed or out of commission in a war-torn Syria, including an eastern Ghouta basement school where 15 children and 2 adults were killed in a recent air-strike. The Colombian government has been ordered by the country's top court to take urgent action to protect the Amazon rainforest. The historic ruling comes after a lawsuit filed by 25 young adults and children. The country plans to ban single-use plastic items by 2030 to cut down on their waste and pollution. Officials say restaurants in Taiwan will face the new restrictions next year. A Siberian shopping mall fire left at least 64 people dead, including 41 children. More than 4,000 people are protesting against local authorities over the lack of information disclosed about the tragedy. SYRIA CHINA COLOMBIA TAIWAN RUSSIA OFF KEY ON POINT ON POINT ON POINT OFF KEY WHO'S ON OR OFF KEY THIS MONTH? @guestlistdotnet GOOD NEWS Robot technology saves six year old girl Science prevails once again as a robot in Austral- ia used by a surgeon has successfully managed to remove an inoperable tumour from the head of 6-year- old Freyja Christiansen. Surgeons were reluctant to attempt the operation due to the delicate area of where the tumour was, so the robot surgeon stepped in. Although this is not the first time a robot has been used in surgery, it is still a very rare occurrence and is an overall good piece of news for the future of humans and robots alike. Saudi Arabia to launch world's largest solar power project A country known for its vast oil re- serves, Saudi Arabia will now be home to the world's biggest solar power project after an investment of $200bn dollars from Japan's Softbank Group. According to the conglomerate's chief execu- tive Masayoshi Son, by 2030 the project is expected to have the ca- pacity to produce up to 200 gigawatts of power, more than half the world's total nuclear power capacity. One of the world's toughest ivory bans is introduced in the UK In a bid to halt the decline in Africa's elephant population, the UK government has confirmed plans to bring in a blanket ban on items made from ivory. Alleged to be the toughest ban in Europe, the new measures will cover items of any age, not just products containing new ivory. Anyone found in violation of the ban will face an unlimited fine or up to five years in prison. ISRAEL'S BENJAMIN NETANYAHU QUESTIONED OVER THIRD CORRUPTION CASE

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