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DRUM & BASS Yes Randall! What was your first thought this morning? Gotta get myself a bowl of Kel- logg's Froot Loops, my local shop imports them. What's got you motivated right now? Music always gets me motivated and watching my missus do her job (support worker), waking up early in the morning, doing 10 hour shifts, still hits the gym and looks after me and the dog. What makes drum & bass special? Think that there isn't any rule on what you can come out with and sample and actually creat -nothing better. In terms of drum & bass, you are proper legend. Showing Andy C the blueprints to double drops, heavily influenced Friction and the stories of you at AWOL are the stuff of dnb history. After hard graft, is Randall sitting back and chilling now? Na not really, tapping into all aspects of DJing. Actually having fun with record box at the moment. But never, never neglect the 1210's. Did you ever think you would still be on top of the game even now? To be honest, we was just living by the week, we had a record shop in Forest Gate E7, just loved the music. We are blessed to still be recognised and be booked 20-25 years deep, mad love for the sci- ence and festival events happening right now. You're also a DJ who's always got the hottest dubplates. What has been the most memorable tune you've received as a dubplate? Think it always will be Goldie's 'Terminator' - actually went to the studio to hear it firsthand. You've been steadily leading the underground through your label Mac II. What makes a Mac II track? Just the elements of a track and it has to have a vibe to it that I would play in my set on a club and radio level. Best jungle DJ, bout time you won a fucking award tho? (Laughs) I hear ya, mad props to the people that voted and basically like how there's a couple of guys out there that keep me in the club. I'll give ya review at the end of the year, it always changes. What's your schedule looking like right now? AWOL coming up? Real healthy at the moment, gotta big up Alex and Tom at www. for looking after my work, the boys are keeping me and my work in check. Outlook is also looking big this year, let's rock to Outlook with you this year, it is about time?! Yeah man, you are more than wel- come. It's defo a ting to check out before you die. You're going b2b with Karsa at Shockout Festival, what do you think of Kasra and his Critical Sound? Always like what Kasra's doing over there. Great music, great party events, that's what you want, big up Kas, looking forward to the b2b. Have you played b2b with him before? Na, but I've given him a lift to London when I moved to Bristol, to a Hospital party in London, early 2000. Our festival booking went haywire last time, didn't work out, Owe you a holiday, so where do you wanna go? Think it would be the Caribbean with the missus. What's a hot spot for new ravers to get to? Think it's Croatia, too many parties cooking over there. What about your old school fans where they gotta go? They're old enough to find good spots to party (laughs). Twll us about a life changing party? Living Dream 1990/91, 10,000 peeps in a tent in East London, I played for 2 hours and featured in The Sun newspaper the next day. Biggest 90s rave track? Mr Kirk's 'Nightmare'. What's the most important lesson you've learnt in life? Believe in what you do. If you could fill a swimming pool with anything, what would that be? Froot Loops and milk. What are you most looking for- ward to this year? Seeing my son raving with us for the first time, he's turned 19 so it's just got real (laughs). Known as one of the major pioneering forces in drum and bass we catch up with the legend himself to talk legacy, Shockout festival, future projects and believing in himself. There is only one Randall. " WE ARE BLESSED TO STILL BE RECOGNISED AND BE BOOKED 20-25 YEARS DEEP " 43 2018 / ISSUE 108 Oshi Okomilo | Guestlist follow @Randallmac2

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