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REAL MEDIA 2018 / ISSUE 108 9 SURVEILLANCE CAPITALISM: BEV SKEGGS 'First of all, I think allowing pre- emptive capture objects into your home is extraordinarily stupid. They're listening for you, they're trying to learn everything about you so they can basically target you with advertising and again this is done in the name of convenience. So that's the object. But It's the things that we wear that are really more dangerous. Because they're picking up our basic bodily rhythms, and they are combined with other data and sold to medical companies and will be sold to health insurance companies. 'Now in the US we see that very explicitly, but in the UK we will see that in the future. So will people receive medical treatment if they are known not to move during the day? Will they be forced to do exercise? There's one council that's already issuing Fitbits to people and we want to know how is that used in the future, if they have to make cuts in health care or even social care? If you've had a sedentary life where you haven't done the 'self care that's necessary for the responsible individual' what happens when you age? Will you get care? I think there's really significant impacts in these sorts of objects.' 'Remember the NHS gave Google a huge amount of data to experiment with and they only owned up when they got caught. They'd probably still be experimenting with it and working out who to fund and not to fund. And we wouldn't know. That's the thing. If we went and presented ourselves and were told an operation is going to take 24 months, we wouldn't know that was because it says you're a lazy person who doesn't deserve an operation. The data is going to be predicting the deserving and undeserving population. And I think that is politically, very, very scary. Because it's not even horrifically racist or dodgy politicians saying you're undeserving. It's accumulated data over a lifetime saying you do not deserve to live.' Watch the full interview at Sociologist Beverley Skeggs completed research on Facebook's data harvesting and tracking capability in 2017. We talked to her about the increasing use of pre-emptive capture technology such as Alexa, and wearable tech:

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