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10 ISSUE 108 / 2018 GUESTLIST YOUR SURVIVAL GUIDE TO LIFE FOLLOW @GUESTLISTDOTNET The former hedge fund manager was convicted of multiple cases of security fraud after investigations unearthed a Ponzi-like scheme set up to "ensnare investors through a web of lies and deceit" according to a statement by federal prosecutors. But back in 2015, months before Shkreli was arrested for his underhanded actions, the wealthy entrepreneur earned his infamy with a far more public display of corruption. In September of that same year, Shkreli received widespread condemnation after his company Turing Pharmaceuticals acquired the antiparasitic drug Daraprim – a form of medication used to treat patients with HIV/AIDS – and escalated the drug's price by more than 5,000%, raising the cost per pill from $13.50 to a staggering $750. Turing later announced that they would offer discounts of up to 50% for hospitals along with other supportive measures that Tim Horn of the AIDS research and policy organization Treatment Action Group would denounce as 'lipstick on a pig'. But while politicians across the board – including the current US president – were quick to reprimand Shkreli for his actions, the reality remains that such vicious price gouging, however unethical, was decidedly within Shkreli's legal rights, such as the free market of US healthcare. Shameful though his actions were, Shkreli in some ways is a mere symptom of wider corruption; in a system that offers different standards of justice for different classes. It was only when Shkreli cheated the higher ranks of society that he finally crossed the line. Notorious 'Pharma Bro' Martin Shkreli, a businessman once widely dubbed by the US media as 'the most hated man in America', was sentenced to seven years in federal prison. His mistake? Conning the rich, when he was already doing such a fine job of screwing over the poor. HOW THE SAGA OF MARTIN SHKRELI REFLECTS THE HYPOCRISY OF AMERICAN LAW Choose Cheap Destinations Volunteering in any country in Asia will induce far less financial strain than, say volunteering in Florida. Even when your programme includes meals you will still have time to explore. In Asia, a weekend beach hostel and meals can be as little as £5 a night, and for four weekends in Asia, you would only need £40. Volunteer Flexibly As You Travel Just like in the UK, many charities and organisations in towns and cities around the world are in need of extra pairs of hands. Arranging volunteering as you travel is ideally suited to confident personalities or anyone wanting to challenge themselves and get out of their comfort zone. Talk to hostel owners, shop owners and people anywhere about local charities in need. Do a search online to pull up local results. Don't speak the local language? Use the Google translate tool, great for writing introductory emails and texts. Using an Organisation Volunteer-sending organisations can take the headache out of going direct. You can make use of the organisation's contact centre staff right up to travel for all the advice you need. They will usually arrange your airport pick up on arrival and put you in touch with others travelling at the same time. HOW TO VOLUNTEER ABROAD FOR LESS Here are some tips on ways to hang onto your cash, whilst having quite possibly one of the most memorable time of your life helping others abroad.

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