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Spring 2018

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Spring 2018 1 Summer Evaluation and Reflection Thank you for the last nine months of letting me have the opportunity to work with you and the entire Trucker Buddy team. I wanted to take a quick second and look at a few things I have noticed the last few months and a couple of ideas for us to consider this Summer. My short time so far with Trucker Buddy has really made me recognize: • 26 years as an organization really shows the strength of the program and the need by our trucking industry for this positive program. • Our driver and teacher members couldn't be more proud of their students and their willingness to learn. • Our teachers really appreciate our program and our drivers support. • We need to constantly communicate with our drivers and teachers to clearly recognize the needs of the stu- dents – that's what the program is about. • We need to continually remind drivers and teachers to renew as a Trucker Buddy every year, this renewal process is vital to our program so we have updated information to communicate with all our members. • Our drivers need to promote our program with other drivers as much as possible. Positive word of mouth from current Trucker Buddies is our best recruiting tool. • Our Drivers need to make sure they are communicating the positive influence they are making to their fleets, shippers, and dispatchers to help get them involved for more support for your teachers and students. • I need to help get more fleets and state associations involved to support all of the positive things our mem- bers are bringing to your classrooms. • We as Trucker Buddy just need to keep doing what you've been doing for the past 26 years. We need to keep promoting our positive image and safety message as often as we can. We can always use more good help and support in doing the right thing. Here are a few items I would like the organization to focus on this Summer while our classes have a break: • Let's get all current drivers and teacher renewed in our Trucker Buddy program for the 2018 school year. • Let's get as many new drivers and teachers signed up as Trucker Buddy members that want to be active in our program and help the school kids and promote a safe and positive trucking industry. • Let's promote Trucker Buddy to your shippers, and see about getting them to support your positive commit- ment to the schools and communities. • Let's get more Trucker Buddies involved as Ambassadors for those that have the interest to help at shows • Let's look at ways we can work together and smarter to better promote the good you are doing for your class room students. Best Practices will help the entire program. Please share with your fellow Trucker Buddy members. • Let's keep doing the Right thing for our industry and students. Everyone will be safer for our efforts. • Let's all Please help grow our Trucker Buddy program with new sponsors. Donations are the only way we grow Trucker Buddy. Thank you for everything you do for Trucker Buddy, your positive involvement is appreciated and noticed. Please let me know how I can help, that's what I'm here for. If you know of anyone that would like to support Trucker Buddy with a donation just let me know and I'll be glad to follow up with them. We are a non-profit and always need spon- sors. Thanks again and safe travels Alan Welborn Executive Director Letter from Alan Welborn

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