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June 2018

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12 POTATO GROWER | JUNE 2018 Bender Farms in Chambersburg, Pa. By Tyrell Marchant Photos courtesy Bender Farms A A lot of farm kids—probably a healthy majority—spend a good portion of their youth grumbling about the long hours, the low wages, the heat, the cold. They get the work done, and even enjoy it from time to time, though they are careful never to let their parents know it. As they mature, farm kids discover an appreciation for all the simple yet profound lessons life on the farm has taught them, and they set off into the world to exercise their work ethic and integrity and faith somewhere else. Bryan Bender was just such a kid. And then he wasn't. Bryan Bender came back to the farm. "When I was a kid, I didn't want to dig potatoes and move irrigation pipe," Bender says. "I didn't want to do that. But the environment it created was very healthy, and I ultimately wanted to have that opportunity for my kids and family." BACK HOME Back Home

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