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66 THE SHOP JULY 2018 Polyurethane p.66 Lift Kits p.72 Foothill Fabrication p.76 Show It Off p.78 JULY 2018 W hat does an off-road truck and an import daily driver have in common besides four wheels? They can both benefit significantly from aftermarket poly- urethane bushings. To help shops stay current with what's happening in this area for 2018, we asked four manufacturers five questions about polyurethane bushings. From explaining their hottest new kits to how to get the most from selling and installing their products in your shop, here's what they had to say. ENERGY SUSPENSION San Clemente, California What's your hottest polyurethane suspen- sion product for 2018? There is a huge demand for our body mounts for OE Ford Super Duty applica- tions, which are a big improvement over the stock mounts that see a high failure rate and tend to distort. We're also seeing an increase in the demand for S550 Mustang compo- nents, especially the rear subframe and rear suspension components that eliminate the wheel hop that plagues the factory Mustang. What are its best features? There are several aspects of Energy Sus- pension's Hyperflex Polyurethane that set it apart. Polyurethane tends to be firmer than the factory rubber, but since we make everything here in San Clemente, we are able to control the characteristics of our material to suit each application. We work hard to walk the line between performance and comfort to deliver better handling, crisper steering and more respon- sive throttle response while also minimizing any negative impacts to daily drivability. Our polyurethane also doesn't degrade like rubber, so if an Energy Suspension Hyperflex kit is installed and your suspen- sion is set up properly, the bushings don't wear out like a rubber item and are much more resistant to road elements like mud, grime and road salt. Who are the target customers for these components? Because our products can be used in dual- use vehicles, we have something for just about every customer. Many customers discover polyurethane while looking for a simple replacement bushing or motor mount for their daily driver and end up upgrading to an Energy Suspension com- ponent. For example, one of our most surprising high-demand applications has been for 2005-'11 non-SI Honda Civics. We are wrapping up development of a Hyperflex kit specifically for this chassis. We have a lot of customers who track their daily-drivers and use Energy Suspen- sion components because they keep the car drivable. There are also always drivers of By JoAnn Bortles A LONG DRIVE Polyurethane components increase performance & longevity of suspension setups. Many polyurethane components provide better handling, crisper steering and, in the case of motor and transmission mounts, less twisting of the drivetrain. (Photo courtesy Energy Suspension)

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