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8 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 8 WRAPS INDUSTRY REPORT W RAPS magazine welcomes you to the 2018 edition of the State of the Wraps Industry report. We conducted a sur- vey of hundreds of wraps professionals across the coun- try to take the pulse of the industry and get an inkling of where it is headed. From the responses we received this year it's clear that businesses are becoming more savvy, and that demand for wraps continues to grow. SURVEY METHODOLOGY For the purpose of this survey, the wraps business is dened as a shop or individual who designs, prints and/or installs wraps or vinyl graph- ics. Participating shops range in size, and in how exclusively they fo- cus their operations on wraps. This survey was sent in January 2018 via email to 15,534 subscribers of Sign & Digital Graphics magazine and a segment of THE SHOP magazine that is focused on vehicle graphics. This survey was conducted via electronic mail through Survey- and complied with all CAN-SPAM act laws and the NBM privacy policy as found here: statement. Respondents were selected from Sign & Digital Graphics subscriber databases and all survey recipients were provided the same version of the survey. A total of 447 responses were received and no less than 142 responses were received on any one question. Some survey totals equal more than 100% because readers check all of the categories that apply. All statistics and statements found in this report are based upon survey ndings. THE SHOPS Participating shops range in size, and in how exclusively they focus their operations on wraps. Nearly a quarter (22%) of shops inter- viewed this year focus exclusively on wraps and a majority of shops (69%) report that less than half their income comes from wraps. A number of shops (17%) report that 25 to 50 percent of their revenue comes from wraps, and the majority of shops (52%) report that up to 25 percent of their revenue comes from wraps. Personnel and Wages—About 40 percent of shops say they have only one full-time installer (same as last year)—while 21 percent have two on staff; and 13 percent of shops have three or more. BUSINESS & SALES 2018 State of the Wraps Industry BY K E N M E R G E N T I M E As the industry continues to mature, shop owners are getting smarter with their businesses

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