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10 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 8 Outlook—Overall, survey results indicate a positive outlook for 2018. A strong majority of shops expect to see an increase or signi- cant increase (82%) next year. Shops are fairly evenly split in their expectations about where those revenue-increases will come from. The largest group (40%) says increased sales will be found in partial wrap jobs (down from 46% last year), while fewer (35%) expect rev- enue increases from full vehicle wraps (up from 27% last year), and about 18 percent of shops expect increased sales in cut vinyl graphics. Challenges—Respondents say that the biggest challenges fac- ing wrap shops are in the areas of pricing (26%), an inability to nd skilled/experienced installers (17%), encroaching competition (16%) and meeting customer timelines (11%). Ordering Habits— About half the shops surveyed (49%) say they order wrap lm more than 10 times a year, but high-volume shops can order multiple times a week. Respondents in the survey noted installation of all types of lm with printed lm topping the list (92%) followed by cut vinyl (86%). Most shops (68%) report being likely or very likely to try new media when it is rst introduced (up from 59% last year), but more (74%) say they like to wait until the media has been on the market for a year. Most shops (83%) say they purchase at least some of their wrap tools and equipment from suppliers online. Dealer Preferences— When buying media from suppliers, shops reported that they most value sup- pliers that offer competitive pricing (84%), in-stock availability (69%) and good customer service (63%), all of which are up from last year. About 39 percent of shops value supplier location, reasonable shipping costs (42%), freshness of stock (36%) and sup- plier loyalty (40%). REVENUES FROM WRAPS Business is good! Survey results showing a large majority of shops (83%) had some type of an increase in revenue from wraps over 2017. Many shops (29%) say that the lion's share of their wraps revenue comes from full graphics with at lease 80 percent coverage, while 25 percent of shops report that the majority of their wraps business comes from par- tial wraps (less than 80 percent coverage), and 26 percent report that the majority of their wraps business comes from cut vinyl graphics. And 8 percent of shops say the majority of their wraps business comes from nontraditional wraps. WORK DONE Although we did not ask for a total number of jobs turned around in our survey, we thought it would be help- ful to learn the volumes done for various types of jobs in 2017. Volumes of Jobs— The majority of the highest job volumes (more than 25 jobs per year) were centered on eet work, com- mercial businesses, and custom graphics. Shops reporting ve jobs or fewer were mainly concentrated in the areas of personal use, mo- torcycle, and buses and trailers. Quote-to-Finish Times—Shops are getting more efcient, it seems, as quote-to-nish times continue to improve. The majority of shops (67%) reported their quote-to-nish times of 10 days or less (up from 63% last year). And 14% of shops reported average turnaround times of more than 16 days. In-house vs. Outsource— Most shops do in-house installations (89%), and in-house design (87%), while fewer (77%) do their own in-house printing. A good major- ity of shops also do in-house wrap removals (79%) and repairs (72%). And while shops tend to do most work in-house, some say they outsource their printing (27%) and instal- lations (20%), while fewer (17%) say they outsource design work. Materials Installed—For shops doing in-house installations, most (92%) say they install cut-vinyl graphics, and more than 86 percent say they install printed lm. Other lms installed include laminating lm (74%) and perforated window lm (81%). And when it comes to specialty lms, 60 percent say they install chrome/metallic lms (up from 47% last year) and 59 percent say they install color-change lms (up from 50% last year). Approximately 37 percent say they also install paint protection lms, and 69 percent of shops say they install reective lms. In addition to wrap lm installations, 49 percent of wrap shops also report offering printable magnetic media for temporary vehicle signage. Interestingly, 4 percent of shops reported not knowing that printable magnetic signage was an option. WRAPS PRICING Pricing in wrap shops differs, depending on their geographic areas. BUSINESS & SALES WRAPS INDUSTRY REPORT of shops involved in wraps reported some type of increase in revenues in 2017. 83% Expected Increases in 2018 by Wrap Type Full vehicle wraps (at least 80% of the vehicle) Partial vehicle wraps (less than 80% of the vehicle) Cut vinyl graphics 40% 35% 18%

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