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2 0 1 8 • WRAPS • 25 learned how to install and wrap, our roles have evolved and we both have our hands in all aspects of the business as equal partners. I stayed in the industry because I love the variety; every day is different. It is amazing that we can transform a car into something a client is over the moon about. The best part is making people fall in love with their cars all over again and bringing an enormous grin to their faces. Being a woman in a male dominated industry is exciting and chal- lenging. I get the same question from most clients "Oh, you wrap too?" or "Do you actually wrap or just help your husband?" In the be- ginning, male clients overlooked me, assuming I had little knowledge of cars or wraps, until I would inject myself and share my knowledge. Most of the time, I feel they are pleasantly surprised. Female cli- ents will generally direct the conversation more to me than to Steve. Women are great multitaskers and are detail oriented, at least I try to be. We are listeners, we are creative, and we are problem solvers. We can offer all this and more to the industry. I feel that there are more women in the industry than we realize, standing behind the men that may have brought them there. Allow your talent to grow, continue to learn, and push yourself. Stand next to your partner, let's show the boys what we can do. It is already a thriving and growing industry, and joining forces with our male col- leagues can make it even more so. I love having the opportunity to meet new and remarkable peo- ple. In this article we ask some questions to learn more about some of the women in our industry. BUSINESS & SALES 1.888.293.3534 VEHICLE WRAP MAGNETS FROM MASTER MAGNETICS 25 lbs 25 lbs. pull Strong neodymium magnets keep graphics in place Position quickly & easily Saves time and money Magnetic Shield TM Blocks magnetism during storage Box of six NEW! Magnetic Heat Gun Holder

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