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2 0 1 8 • WRAPS • 29 that are nervous about hiring female installers (or in my case, a de- signer) because they don't want a lawsuit on their hands. Seriously. They fear that if men in the shop are engaging in "guy talk" that a woman might misconstrue it. I've seen it, and I've faced it. Q: How do you differentiate yourself? A: Being a female in this industry, I'm automatically going to standout. There's just so few of us. I've been in the industry for about ve years, I have people reaching out to me from all over the world looking for a custom Curvaceous Wraps design. What truly sets me apart is that my designs are one-of-a-kind and I'm the only designer creating my wraps from hand drawn illustra- tions. I'm an artist. Q: Are there any differences in how colleagues or clients treat you versus a male installer? A: Sure! Most think I'm just a secretary when I'm in a shop setting, but it's pretty cool when they realize that I'm actually the one design- ing the wraps. Q: What drives you to stay in the industry? A: I want to build my reputation, and I want to work with amazing people. I have big goals that I want to accomplish, and that's my fuel. Q: How do you see the role of women evolving in the industry? A: I see more and more every year. I think the majority of males think that a female installer is pretty kick-ass -- "G.I. Jane" of the wrap world! And I nd women wanting to learn how to install because there are so few of us. It's a chance for them to get noticed. Q: Do you have any advice for other female install- ers looking to get into the wrap business? A: Just be yourself. I often thought I had to put on this "tough chick" attitude, when in reality, I'm just a bubbly, girly-girl who loves wraps. I can tell you, people respect me way more when I was just being me. Learn everything you can about this industry, make connections, and just go out there and get it! BUSINESS & SALES TEMPERATURE CONTROL FOR WRAP PROJECTS IS KING AVOID WRAP RETURNS Wrap failure occurs due to the following reasons: n Vehicle surface not properly cleaned n Film media overstretched n The wrap was not post-heated enough, or done at the wrong temperature The Master Proheat STC gets it right the first time! MASTER PROHEAT STC SURFACE TEMPERATURE CONTROL HEAT GUN n Senses, displays and controls actual surface temperatures n Laser targeting system optimizes accuracy n LCD display shows your surface and target temperatures n Post Heat your wrap with precise temperature! n Designed by Master Appliance Corp #1 in Professional Heat Tools TO PURCHASE VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE TO PURCHASE VISIT OUR ONLINE STORE n 800.558.9413 PH Series PH-1600 & PH-1615 NEW 15ft Cord Option!

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