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34 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 8 THE ART OF THE OVERLAY PRODUCTION & INSTALLATION You can also achieve this by having extra wrap-around on your side kit to edit the flag that will lay on the rear doors. Wrap side one and two. Here is the area where we install the hip, but you'll need to dry fit and draw with a grease pencil a waving edge of the flag. Top: This example involves an American flag wrap around a van for the rear and stripes in the wind. So, blue stars on the front of the wrap and red and white wrapping around the rear. Oh, they love the waving flag you have suggested from the Aurora Graphics gallery. This image shows how it looks before doing the overlay. I know the flag will wrap around, and I can use the center of the rear doors to do a common mirror technique I use. Cool, but how to figure for the bend and stretch the vehicle will cause, and the average stretch used by any installer? After a side is installed, I stress to the installer that the next side needs to sit in the exact spot to ensure wrap-around suc- cess. Above: They can achieve this by using the same install method and heat versus stretch just like the first side. Also, add some tape marks that measure and fall to exact placement of side one. Dry fit and mark the cutting area with a grease pencil, then cut a waving flag with a pass wrap.

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