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2 0 1 8 • WRAPS • 41 3) Here I have the next layer of vinyl in posi- tion, making sure the registration matches. If you notice I have trimmed excess film liner and the pre-mask away to get better and ac- curate registration. 5) Here is the completed application of the final two layers before final wrap film is applied. 4) Start by lightly tacking the vinyl and mak- ing sure the artwork is matching the mask- ing tape and working your way outward to the other side, matching all registration marks along the way. 6) Here I am applying the final layer of wrap film. It is just like wrapping when nothing is under it—squeegeeing from the center out- ward, removing as much air as possible. 7) Here I'm using the wrap glove and rivet brush to go around the edges of layers un- derneath—using a soft rivet brush to get those edges tight and corners to really show through. 8) This pic shows the areas where the air was still trapped and needs to be released by pok- ing a small hole in the inner corners, allowing the trapped air to escape for a better detailed embossed results. PRODUCTION & INSTALLATION

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